Muslim Sufi Sant Says Zafarnama is the Greatest Literary Work He’s Ever Read

Sufi Sant Gulam Haider Qadri did an hour long katha of Zafarnama where he said it’s the greatest literary work he’s ever read. He was full of praises saying that Iran’s greatest poets have been amazed at the Zafarnama that even they couldn’t compose anything even near it. The Zafarnama is a letter written in […]

Prof Rao Submits Letter to Union Minister To Adopt Zafarnama

Panditrao Dharennavar, a professor in Kurukshetra University, presented the Union Law Minister DV Sadananda Gouda a letter requesting the adoption of the philosophy of the Zafarnama. The professor hopes all colleges, universities, and lawmakers will teach and adopt the philosophy of the Zafarnama. The Zafarnama “Declaration of Victory” is the name given to the letter […]

How Zafarnama Shook The Earth Beneath Aurangzeb

The below is translated from Katha on Zafarnama by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj in his letter to Aurangzeb did mention some good things about Aurangzeb which can come as a shock. It’s due to Aurangzeb that Guru Tegh Bahadar Sahib Ji became shaheed, it’s due to him 2 […]

Pandit Rao’s Does Cycle Yatra to Teach People about “Zafarnama”

Pandit Rao does cycle yatra to teach people about the Importance of Zafarnama and how it can positively change their life. Pandit Rao C Dharennavar is Assistant Professor in Govt College Chandigarh. He is basically from Karnataka but he has learnt Punjabi so well that he has written 8 books in Punjabi and He has […]