1 Singh Fearlessly Fought 100 Japanese Troops

The story of Naik Nand Singh, a Sikh soldiers who personally received a Victoria Cross from Mountbatten in 1944 for his bravery and heroism against the Japanese in Burma is truly inspirational. ” The only possible approach onto the hill followed a narrow track leading up to the enemy position. Along this track Naik Nand […]

When Sikhs Guarded The Top 3 World Leaders (Video)

In his “Let’s Respect the Turban” speech to the House of Commons, following the conclusion of the second World War, Churchill said: “…..It is a matter of regret that due to the obsession of the present times people are distorting the superior religious and social values, but those who wish to preserve them with respect, […]

Why is This Sikh Soldier is Running (Video)

I’m running as you can see dressed as an Indian Sikh soldier from World War One. Why? Because I’m raising funds and awareness for a great charity (www.ukpha.org) which is telling the story of Sikhs in the Great War (www.empirefaithwar.com). They need help so they can collect and share family stories of Sikhs in the […]

When The Brave Sikh Soldiers Refused to Hide in Their Trenches

BRAVE SIKHS REFUSED TO HIDE IN THEIR TRENCHES – A NEW YEAR’S WW1 FAIRY TALE? A French Officer’s account . Excerpt : The Evening Post Thursday Dec 31st 1914 “It was a curious sight to all of us, French or English, the day when the Indians arrived in a dreary little town of Northern France […]

British Govt Launches “WW1 Every Man Remembered Database”

World War One: Every Man Remembered database launched Soldiers from across the British Empire – including Indian troops – fought in World War One The Royal British Legion has started an online campaign to gather tributes to every Commonwealth serviceman and woman who died in World War One. A total of 1,117,077 service personnel from […]