Sikh Journalist’s Life Saved Inside White House After Heart Attack

A Sikh journalist by the name of Manku Singh who works for TV Asia and the only Sikh Journalist assigned at the White House suffered from a heart attack. The journalist collapsed inside the East Room just before President Obama was to speak. A secret service agent quickly responded when Singh fell to the ground […]

White House Issues Official Statement on Sikh Petition

The White House issued the official statement regarding the Sikh petition submitted by Sikhs for Justice human rights group asking President Obama on why Sikhs are labelled as Hindus under India’s Constitution . President Obama in his speech on the last day of his visit in New Delhi spoke about religion intolerance in India and […]

Less Then 5K Signatures To Go For White House Petition

Question Modi “WHY Indian constitution labels “Sikhs” as Hindus?” while attending Constitution Day events on January 26. Sikhism, with over 30 million followers, is the world’s 5th largest religion. Sign The Petition: Here: White House Petition On January 26, 1950 Constitution of India was enforced without the consent of Sikhs who refused to sign it […]

Today Jaikare Inside the White House

Jaikare were shouted inside the White House today during the 3rd Annual Sikh Briefing inside the White House where Federal Officials addressed major issues concerning the Sikh Community. Jaikara Inside the White House by dailysikhupdates Post by The Sikh Coalition. Post by The Sikh Coalition. Post by The Sikh Coalition.

White House Celebrates Prakash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Washington: Sikh-Americans in their traditional Punjabi dresses, colourful turbans and business suits came to the White House to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh Guru. Senior Obama administration officials led by Melissa Rogers, special assistant to the president and executive director, White House office of faith-based and neighbourhood […]