Secret of the Sarvalla in Punjabi Weddings

A sarbala, in certain wedding customs from the Indian subcontinent, is a nephew or cousin of the groom who accompanies the groom during the ceremony as his protector. The word “sarbala” (Punjabi), “shahbala” (Urdu) is derived from Sanskrit which means associate groom. The sarbala often wears a similar outfit to the groom and rides a […]

Video: This is How Beadbi of Gurbani is Done at Almost Every Sikh Wedding

RESPECT FOR GURBANI, REFRAIN FROM PRINTING As we are aware wedding season is among us and it has become standard tradition within our community in which families will send out wedding invitation with passages from gurbani printed on them. In result these card are then thrown away into garbage bins or left around our homes […]

Serious Violation: Interfaith Sikh Wedding Inside Banquet Hall in California

(DSU News Bureau) An interfaith Sikh wedding took place inside the Diamond Bar Center in Diamond Bar, California. The information was revealed by the event organizer Electric Karma International. The wedding took place in one of the banquet halls and alcohol is served openly. A granthi and kirtanis are in serious violations of letting the […]

This is Why Sikh Girls Struggle to Marry Punjabi Boys

This article was originally Published at Sikhnet Firstly, I want to apologise for the stereotyping I will be doing throughout this article. However, I recognise much of what I am about to write comes from past and present experiences with passionate feelings of suppression and a drive for change. This article is not for the […]

Newlywed Couple Feeds Animals Instead of Guests (Video)

Unique wedding! Dogs, monkeys wedding guest To make your wedding memorable does everybody best. Haryana’s Bhiwani town dedicated to marry a anaukhe Perhaps you have never heard about. First of all, you are getting visitors with wedding guests in. Animals Cows, dogs, monkeys, fish and birds, were the chief guest of the wedding. Already, everyone […]

Superstitious Parents Marry Girl to A Dog

Indian Girl Married to a Dog by dailysikhupdates In Jharkhand, A superstitious 18 year old woman married a dog. The parents married her to do a dog because the parents believe in the Kundali of their daughter there is some bad thing which will happen to her. They believe this “bad thing” will go away […]