Song “Soorma” Getting Tremendous Response (Video)

A new song called “Soorma” is getting tremendous response on social networks. The song has already surpassed 170,000 view in just a week. Meaning of Sikh Warrior The Khalsa belongs to Vaheguru. He who loves all and whose ways are distinct from all, He who eats only that which he earns and considers begging a […]

A British Soldier’s First Account of an Akali Nihung Singh Warrior

Akali Nihung Singh Account by a British Soldier shows how fearless Nihung Warriors were. Sikh Akalis at Amritsar “…. a party of Akhalees (fanatics) on foot stopped and fought us, in some instances very fiercely. One fine bold ‘Nihung’ beat off four sowars one after another, and kept them all at bay. I then went […]

Song “Lions of Punjab” Getting Major Response (Video)

This song “Lions of Punjab” sung by Bob Thind and compose by Jass Singh is good enough to give some power to youth of Punjab to fight against Corruption , Drugs and bad politics. This is uniqe song compose on Trap Music and Sung in Rap stayle with wide vocal variation. Singer – Bob Thind […]

American Magazines Puts Sikhs as “Greatest Warriors”

This American magazine wrote an article some time ago on why they believe Sikhs are one of the greatest warriors in history. Originally Published by the Exiled Magazine FRESNO, CA — I think I’ve finally found a religion I can convert to. I’m thinking of turning Sikh. And we’ll just slide right by all the […]

When Baba Hanuman Singh Fought the British in 1845, 15,000 Sikhs Shaheed

Fresco of Baba Hanuman Singh Ji at Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai, Amritsar Akaali Baba Hanuman Singh Ji, The 7th leader of the Budha Dal, was born to Baba Garja Singh Ji and Mata Harnam Kaur Ji in November 1755. Baba Ji fought in many great battles under the leadership of Akaali Baba Naina Singh Ji […]