Pakistani Channel Claims Trump Was Born in Pakistan

A video has gone viral on social networks of a Pakistani Channel NEO stating the new President Elect Donald Trump was actually born in Pakistan. The Channel claims that his birth occurred in Pakistan and his dad later died. They went onto say that he was adopted in 1955 and taken to the United States […]

Hilarious Moments from Trump’s Speech to Hindu Coalition

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Hindus United Against Terror Bollywood/Tollywood Charity Concert. EDISON, NEW JERSEY Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump seems to have realized the impact India and voters of Indian-orgin will have on upcoming Presidential poll. At the charity even organized by Republican Hindu Coalition on October 15th, Trump claimed […]

Did Indian Leader Want Trump to Talk About Speedy Green Cards for Indians?

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Hindus United Against Terror Bollywood/Tollywood Charity Concert. EDISON, NEW JERSEY Indian Americans attending the event were hoping Trump would talk about getting green cards faster. A placard was found stating such. Immediately after Trump made his concluding remarks, Shelly an Indian American millionaire reminds Trump to […]

Hindu Americans For Super Pac to Support Donald Trump

A group of Hindus in the United States have come together in support of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. In a poster by Hindus For Trump, the billionaire can be seen in a yoga posture sitting on something that resembles a lotus with colours of the American flag, also embossed with an Om symbol. In […]

Times Now Debate on Trump Insulting Sikhs

“I appeal to the American people to shun this hate politics that has been started by individuals like Mr.Trump” – Gurpreet Singh UNITED SIKHS India Director. USA – As the South Carolina primary election for the Republican Party comes near, let us be reminded when ‪#‎TrumpInsultsSikhs‬ by simply calling our turbans a hat. Such ignorance […]

Sikh Man Who Stood Up to Trump Says He Stook Up For His Muslim Friend

Arish Singh the Sikh man who stood up to Donald Trump at rally in Iowa spoke out on why he took such a step. He told a BBC reporter that he wanted to stand up for his Muslim friend who was ejected from a Donald Trump rally just days earlier. The incident drew tremendous online […]

Donald Trump is Unhappy That India is Doing Well

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has commented on India for the first time after he entered the presidential race, saying that the country is doing great and no one is talking about it. “India is doing great,” Trump told the CNN in an interview on Monday. After hitting the presidential campaign trial, this is […]

Sikh Man Was Michael Jackson’s Personal Chef

Recently, a picture surfaced of a Singh sitting behind Donald Trump and Michael Jackson in a private jet trip to see AIDS affected children. The picture has raised theories on who this Singh is? Some people have stated that the Singh is a CIA Intelligence officer named Lakhvir Singh. The truth is that his name […]

New Video: Listen to What Trump Said Moments Before Sikh Man Removed

A Sikh protester named Arish Singh carried the sign “Stop Hate” and was removed from Donald Trump’s rally in Muscatine, Iowa. The Sikh in the red turban stood up and and protested by carrying his sign. The crowd started to scream “USA USA” while the Sikh man was being removed. Trump commented by saying, “Was […]