Breaking: Five Dead After Bangalore-Nanded Train Crashes Into Truck In Andhra Pradesh

Up to Six people have been reported dead including an MLA from Karnataka with 20 injured after a truck hit the Bangalore-Nanded train in Andhra Pradesh. The MLA from Karnataka named Venkatesh Naik was reported dead. The driver of the truck lost control and couldn’t slam the breaks to avoid the coach of the Nanded […]

Train Riders in India Get a Surprise (Video)

The history of rail transport in India began in the mid-nineteenth century. The core of the pressure for building Railways In India came from London. In 1848, there was not a single kilometre of railway line in India. The country’s first railway, built by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR), opened in 1853, between Bombay […]

This is What Happens When You Hang Out of Train (Video)

Man hangs out of a train and accident by dailysikhupdates Other News: Tragedy struck a group of tourists from Maharashtra when two children were killed and three others injured when their van and a lorry collided near here today. Police said the mishap occurred when 46 tourists from Shapur Taluk in Thane District were returning […]