Survey: 90% Divorced Women Prefer GurSikh,15% Unmarried Prefer GurSikh

After 2 years of surveying by an independent organization called the Sikh Information Centre out of California, USA results show a large number of divorced Punjabi women prefer to marry a GurSikh the second time while 15% unmarried women prefer to marry a GurSikh. The Survey was taken mainly from Gurdwaras in the UK, Canada, […]

Survey: 90% Punjabis and 61% Non-Punjabis Support Ban on Sardar Jokes

RESEARCH RESULT ON SIKH SARADAR JI JOKES ; TO BE BANNED OR NOT? 90% of Punjabis and 61% of Non-Punjabis support to ban jokes on Sikh Sardar Ji – Study Reveals The independent research was conducted by Punditrao Dharenavar, assistant professor, post graduate government college, sector-46 Chandigarh, to know the public opinion about Sikh Saradar […]

Sikhs Have Highest Standard of Living in India, Shows Survey

NEW DELHI: Among various religious groups,Muslims have the lowest living standard with the average per capita expenditure of just Rs 32.66 in a day, says a government survey. At the other end of the spectrum, Sikh community enjoys a much better lifestyle as the average per capita spending among them is Rs 55.30 per day, while […]