Gang Members of Sukha Kahlwan Arrested By Police (Video)

Gang members of the gangster Sukha Kahlwan were arrested by police for planning on an attack to seek revenge for Sukha Kahlwan’s murder. The members were traced by the police on social networks and other ways of communication to understand their plan. They police stated the gang was caught with 5 armed weapons and 2 […]

Shooter of Sukha Kahlon Came From Dubai (Video)

A person caught in connection of Sukha Kahlon’s murder has stated the shooter came from Dubai. Gangsters from village Malout organized the deadly shooting of Sukha Kahlon according to media reports. The story has gone viral on social networks after the notorious killings which occurred in mid January. The story is now coming to light […]

Sukha Kahlon’s Father Accuses Police of Taking 3 Crore for Murder

At the cremation of gangster Sukha Kahlon, the father stated police and others involved took 3 crore for Sukha’s murder. He alleged the police was involved in the murder and also named certain police officers. The parents had held off the cremation until the accused get arrested, however they decided to perform the cremation due […]

Parents of Sukha Kahlon: “Won’t Cremate Until Arrests Made”

Mother of Sukha Kahlon said the body won’t be cremated until the accused are arrested. The father said he wants a CBI inquiry into the matter. Last week, the news broke of gangster Sukha Kahlon being killed in a shootout in a police van by gangsters who stopped the police vehicle and fired on Sukha. […]

Sukha Kahlon Murder Case Police Reaction (Video)

Following the gang war murder of Sukha Kahlon, the question on most people‚Äôs mind is how can a gang so easily kill someone in a police car. The gang who killed Sukha Kahlon according to an eyewitness fired over 40 shots of which 12 hit the victim. The police and other eyewitness state that about […]