Miracle at Sri Harmandar Sahib: Boy Completely Healed of Disease after Ardas

Pilgrims at Sri Darbar Sahib witness a miracle last night when a Sikh youth from Kashmir who had arrived at Darbar Sahib with his family members began to walk and talk again. A few months ago the youth had suffered from paralysis in his legs and arms, and also left him unable to properly communicate. […]

British Attempted to Auction Sri Harmandar Sahib in 1877

The British Were going to Auction Sri Harimandir Sahib Ji on April 30, 1877, the plans were to build a giant church. Note: The British had already built a missionary center and a jail along the Parikarma of Sri Harmandair Sahib. But Sat Guru Ji did not let it Happen. A Miracle changed everything, on […]

What Body Building Champion Ulisses Said After Visiting Sri Harmandar Sahib

One of the known body builders Ulisses visited Sri Harmandar Sahib and became amazed at the bliss and peacefulness he attained while there. He wrote on social media: “One of the joys of travelling the world is being able to experience different cultures and learn from them. We all come from different cultures backgrounds, however […]

Man’s Eyesight Returns After Praying at Sri Harmandar Sahib

A Man who lost his eyesight over several years ago has returned after praying at Sri Harmandar Sahib. A 34-year-old man hailing from Nangal Lubana village in Begowal in Kapurthala who had lost his eyesight seven years ago after consuming country-made liquor, claims to have recovered his vision miraculously while paying obeisance at Sri Harmandar […]

Lovers Commit Suicide on Parkarma of Sri Harmandar Sahib

Lovers commit suicide on Parkarma of Sri Harmandar Sahib by consuming poison. Many devotees were shocked after seeing the bodies of the couple. The man named Amritpal Singh had an affair with his sister in law and the parents and in laws both disapproved. The two run away with each other despite the Amritpal having […]