Punjabi Singers Under Fire for Comments on Sikh Protests

Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai’s have come under fire for their comments on Sikh protests. A video of the two singers went viral on social networks where Babbal Rai can be heard saying the current situation in Punjab is ‘some what’ bad. People were outraged over their comments of enjoying Diwali while most Punjabis are […]

Punjabi Singers Donate Blood To Raise Awareness (Video)

Punjabi Singers gathered Thursday for a good job. Singer Sherry Mann and Ranjit Bawa donated blood and urged people. Sherry said that the duty of good works stars because viewers Follow them. Sharry Mann is a Punjabi singer. He was born on 12 September 1982 in Mohali in the house of Sardar Balbir Singh and […]

Youth Reply to Sippy Gill’s Song “10 Mint” With a Video

Youth create video in response to Sippy Gill’s new violent and vulgar song 10 mint. Message: We respect all the singers, lyricist and video makers but indecent songs and cheep visualization would not be tolerated. We regret that we have targeted someone’s sister to make him understand the social values. It is humble request to […]

Punjabi Singers Ask for Forgiveness after Ads

Chandigarh, April 14 As you surf Punjabi television channels these days, you find singer-actor Harbhajan Mann telling viewers in his mellifluous voice, “Kuch saal pehlon tak, Punjab ch bilji sirf badlaan ton hi garajdi si. Par pichley panj saalan ch Badal sarkar ney bijli di aisi lishk khilaari hai ki gali-gali, pind-pind lishk reha hai. […]