When Social Media Came Together to Buy all Lamps from 1984 Victim

Social media has always worked as a double edged sword for our generation, off late it has also been used for spreading rumours and fake news leading to mob violence. However, from time to time such stories also keep surfacing where social media has acted as a platform for people to come together for a […]

4 Battles Where Hindu Kings Allied With Mughals and Took on Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Khalsa

There have been wars in Sikh history where Sikhs took on Mughals and Hindu Mountain Kings. The Hindu Kings allied with the Mughals and were unhappy over Guru Gobind Singh’s rise of the Khalsa. They had pledged allegiance to the Mughals and took on Sikhs. This is ironic as the Sikhs were developing the Khalsa […]

Banda Singh Bahadur | 3D 360 Experience | Life & Times of the Renowned Sikh Warrior

In this #3D #360video experience, we venture back to 17th century India, to the life and times of renowned #Sikh warrior, #BandaSinghBahadur. At at time when forcible conversion to Islam was a matter of State policy, this small group of individuals, asserted their sovereignty and fought for the oppressed. Their efforts and sacrifices culminated in […]

Petition to Prevent Removal of Sikh Airports in UK Gets Major Response

A petition created by Mandeep Virdi has got over 16,000 signatures in a very short period of time. The petition has gained momentum in the last few weeks. Sikh religious rights are increasingly being violated at airports by the removal of the Sikh turban during checking. Proper procedures to respect the sentiments and rights of […]

MTV Roadies is Calling this Singh “The Best Contestant Ever”

MTV Roadies has called Ocean Singh as “The Best Contestant Ever”. Ocean Singh was born a Hindu and he embraced Sikhi after learning the basic concepts of the faith. He stated in the audition that Sikhi the faith appealed to him due to the importance of being shastardari and a Saint. He embraced both the […]

The Forgotten Sikh Warriors of the Anglo Sikh Wars

USUNG HEROES OF PUNJAB – during Anglo Sikh Wars By Inderjeet Singh (Nottingham) The historians and Government of India have ascribed every ruler and leader who fought East India Company during the revolt of 1857 as freedom fighter and patriot. Glowing tributes are paid every year to the provincial rulers who fought in the ‘first […]

Australian Man Wants to Become a Sikh After Learning About Beliefs

Local Australian man Simon shared his thoughts on the Sikh community and his opinion on immigration. On Immigration, Simon says hardworking Sikh immigrants is what Australia needs. Simon appeared to be very knowledgable about the Sikh community and wants to become a Sikh. He stated that he’s working towards being on the path of Sikhi […]

Amazing! This Sikh Man is 120 Years Old With a Super Sharp Memory

A Sikh man has broken the world record for being the oldest living man on the planet. The Sikh man is from Punjab and lives with his family, in the this short video clip, the 120 year old is being interviewed by his relative, The Record breaker still has a good memory and can remember […]

Comedy Film: JAAG SVERE (Amrit Vele) is Well Worth the Watch

A Film By Daas Media Works | Panj Teer Records & Pardeep Singh Presenting the Full Punjabi Comedy Short Film Jaag Svere (Amrit Vele).This short film Jaag Svere (Amrit Vele) is based on a true incident. It Uncover the importance of Amrit vela in life of a Gursikh boy and the efforts he make to […]