5 Most Outnumbered Sikh Battles in History

The Following are the most outnumbered Battles in Sikh History where 1 Singh was literally against thousands. Even after such odds the Singhs of the Khalsa were able to cause massive causalities of the enemy soldiers. 1) Battle of Chamkaur 48 Singhs Vs 10 Lakh Mughal Force on December 6, 1704 in Chamkaur, Punjab 2) […]

Bhai Gharjha Singh Ji and Bhai Bota Singh Ji

After the death of Qazi Abdul Razak and Mufti Abdul Rehman at the hands of the Singhs in 1738 A.D., Zakriya Khan, the Governor of Lahore put Abdul Samad Khan Yusufi at the head of an army patrol. Wherever that patrol came across a Singh, they killed him there and then. One day, Abdul Samad […]

Valour = Sikh Regiment

Total: 1596 Gallantry Awards Sikh Regiment is the Highest Decorated Regiment in the Indian Army 73 Battle Honors and 38 Theatre Honors. Highest Decorated Battalion of Commonwealth of the British Only 1 Person has both Victoria Cross and Mahavir Chakra 2 ParamVir Chakras, 2 Ashok Chakras, 2 Param Vishist Seva Medals, 14 Mahavir Chakras, 5 […]