188 Years Ago Sikh Empire Conducted Surgical Strikes in Balakot Against Pathans

Balakot ought to be honored by a Bollywood film at any rate, considering this is the second time the spot has harbored jihadis who have been killed by Indian troops. The first was in 1831, when two Islamic evangelists from Rae Bareli and their supporters, at that point some portion of the kingdom of Awadh, […]

How the Dogras Stole Kashmir from the Sikh Empire

Via: Kashmir Reader During 1830 the British East India Company’s government wanted to push its western frontier from river Sutlej to beyond Peshawar. They wanted Peshawar for themselves (p.316 ‘The Pathans’ by Olaf Caroe). But across Sutlej there lay the mighty Sikh empire with its capital at Lahore. The British also wanted to set up […]

Punjab Once Led World in GDP

According to British Historian G.W Leitner in his work published in 1881, The number of students attaining education dropped nearly 50% from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Sikh empire to British Colonization. Punjab had more scholars and intellectuals then anywhere but after the British took over all changed. The notion that with the fall of the Sikhs […]

The Incredible Story of the Sikh Chief Alliance with the Hindu Jats of Rajasthan

SIKHS & JATS OF BHARATPUR – brief history on their political association in late 18th century and an incident that alarmed the British By Inderjeet Singh (Nottingham)* Most of us are well aware of the exploits of Maharaja Ranjit Singh however we are ignorant of Sikh status as regional power in later 18th century. Sikhs […]

A Look at the Sikh Empire Boundaries

  A look at the boundaries of the Sikh Empire Treaty of Amritsar 1809 The Treaty of 1809 between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and The British East India Company which prevented Maharaja Ranjit Singh to expand territorial gains south of the Sutlej river, but was given complete freedom of action to the north. This caused Maharaja Ranjit […]

Comedian Applauds Sikhs for Being Bravest Group Against British Rule

Comedian Anuvab Pal in a comic skit made reference to the bravery of the Punjabis when facing the British. He stated, “Punjabis dealt with the British like the first brave Indian Army should.” Sikh Empire battles against the British: First Anglo-Sikh War Main article: First Anglo-Sikh War Battle of Mudki Main article: Battle of Mudki […]

Sikh Empire’s Muslim Minister’s Response to British Official on Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Eye

Fakir Azizuddin was a Muslim chief minister in Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s government dealing with primarily with the “foreign ministry” although he had over time dealt with other departments like revenue collection, etc. Ranjit Singh (1780-1839) who was a Sikh ruled Punjab from about 1799 until his death in 1839. During his rule he appointed many […]

What Pakistanis Think of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Sikh Empire

By Yasser Latif Hamdani Ranjit Singh : The Quintessential Indus Man Today (29th June) is the 170th death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Bismarck of Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa, whose great Indus state was the forerunner of Pakistan. Narrowminded ideologues – writing in the aftermath of bitter communal bloodletting accompanying the birth of Pakistan- have […]

First Ever Video Game on the Sikh Empire Coming Soon (Video)

A popular video game developer has just released information on video game which will feature 3 empires and one of them being the Sikh Empire. The developer says a player will “Journey through three distinct civilizations and time periods throughout history.” Regarding the Sikh Empire the developer stated a player will fight battles in “the […]

10 Unknown Facts of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Sikh Empire

Ten unknown facts about Maharaja Ranjit Singh the Sikh Empire. 1. Founded the Sikh Empire by uniting 12 Sikh Misals/Clans.   2. As a Child suffered from smallpox which resulted in the loss of one eye. 3. Captured Lahore in 1799, turning point of the Sikh Empire and crowned Maharaja in 1801 at age 20 […]

BBC Features How Maharaja Duleep Singh Came Back to Sikhi (Video)

Britain’s Maharajah The little-known story of an iconic figure in Anglo Sikh history, Maharajah Duleep Singh. Sunday: Fisrt shown on BBC 1 14th of April 2013 In April every year Sikhs worldwide celebrate the Festival of Vaisakhi, remembering their roots and the creation of the Khalsa brotherhood with street parades and Temple prayers. Maharajah Duleep […]

American Alexander Gardner Was General of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1831

American Alexander Gardner born in Wisconsin, USA was General of the Sikh Empire under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. “In August 1831 he left Afghanistan as an outlaw for the Punjab, where he was appointed Commandant of Artillery.” He served in this position for many years before he was transferred to the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, […]