Sikh Man’s Video Goes Viral Serving Water in 49 Degree Celsius Temperature

In 49 degree Celsius temperature a Sikh man was spotted in the city of New Delhi, serving glasses of water to those going in the sweltering warmth. With his jars and glasses put on his bike, this man positioned himself by the street in the excruciating warmth and served water to travelers going on transports […]

Sikhs Rescues Man Who Refused to Beg on Streets of Delhi After Viral Posts

A Sikh group led by Bhai Manpreet Singh rescued Raja Singh Phull who lived on the streets of Delhi but refused to beg. The Oxford grad filled forms for people on the streets and survived on small earnings. Due to unfortunate circumstances in life, he was left homeless and tried to survive on a day […]

The Unknown Sewa of Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila

Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji Rangila is one of the most renowned and respected Kirtan Raagis of all time whose charitable organization has increased the well being of thousands of needy and underprivileged people. Bhai Sahib started at an early age of doing kirtan at seven and for decades has spread the message of Gurbani. He’s […]

Watch This Incredible Sewa at Clock Tower of Sri Darbar Sahib

A video made by Roman Gillz has received a major response on social media showing a Sikh man cleaning the Khanda at the clock tower of Sri Darbar Sahib. The incredible sewa didn’t go unnoticed. The sewa is a very dangerous one as little bit of wind can knock balance off. The Singh appears to […]

Pakistani Attorney General Does Sewa at Sri Harmandar Sahib

The Pakistani Attorney General paid his obscience at Sri Harmandar Sahib Ji while at his scheduled visit in India. The Pakistani man was seen doing sewa of shoes at Sri Harmandar Sahib’s Jorda Ghar. Many photographers were on hand to document the sewa by the Pakistani official. The Attorney General voluntarily performed sewa as it […]

Singh Does Sikhi Parchar To 4 Lakh Sangat in 68 Samagams Under 1 Year

Surinder Singh Thikriwala is the head of Gurmat Parchar Sewa Lahir and has spent the past 1 year doing Sikhi Parchar nonstop everyday to over 4 lakh sangat in 68 Samagam events. The goal of the Gurmat Parchar Sewa Lahir is to reach as many villages as possible to spread Sikhi Awareness and do gurmat […]