BBC Names Satpal Singh as “Heroes of Nairobi Westgate attack”

Satpal Singh Eyewitness Satpal Singh: “People were running in all directions, there were loud shots being fired… nobody was doing anything about it” Satpal was at Westgate for a business meeting, close to a children’s cooking competition going on in the complex’s car park. As gunshots and explosions began to ring out in the complex, […]

Satpal Singh Saved about 40 Lives During The Kenyan Mall Shootings

He saved 40 lives in the Nairobi mall. When you give him the credit he cutely smiles and points his finger upwards saying it is Him who did it, not him. He tries to give credit to others but the survivors, 40 of them, say – if he had not been there, perhaps Al Shabaab […]

Heroic Story of Satpal Singh of How He Rescued People Inside the Kenyan Mall Which Was Attacked By Terrorists

Satpal Singh was inside the Westgate shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi when gunmen opened fire. He describes how he helped to lead some of the trapped people to safety, and even went back inside to carry injured people out of the building, despite coming under fire himself. I was at the mall for […]