‘Sardar Da Stand’ Song Getting Tremendous Response Worldwide

A recently released song called ‘Sardar Da Stand’ was seen being very widely viewed. Sardar term used in Gurbani too, in spiritual sense. The one who follows the Lord’s Hukam is called Sirdar. Gurbani do not believe in temporal people calling themselves Sardars, and have no knowledge what hukam is. The word was associated with […]

2 Songs Titled ‘Sardar Ji’, Which One Represents Sardars?

2 songs released in the past we days titled ‘Sardar Ji’ have started a debate on what the accurate image of sardars really is. Are sardars knows as sardars due to their Taur or what they’ve done in history? Diljit Dosanjh’s song refers to a Sardar who has immense Taur while Surj RDB refers to […]

Mixed Reactions to Geeta Zaildar’s Song “Sardar”

Recent song of Geeta Zaildar is causing controversy as many in the Sikh Community are complaining that such a song should have been sung by a Gursikh singer. The song named “Sardar” highlights the great character of Sikhs yet the singer himself is a clean shaven person. Although the song is well pictured it’s also […]