Real ‘Sardar Ji’ Song Only 43K Views, Inaccurate ‘Sardar Ji’ Song 1.1 Million

2 songs released in the past few weeks days ‘Sardar Ji’ have started a debate on the accurate image of Sardars. Are Sardars known for their fashion ? Diljit Dosanjh’s song refers to a Sardar who makes a fashion statement while Surj RDB refers to a Sardar Ji to persons who’ve sacrificed themselves for the […]

5 Things Wrong With Punjabi Film ‘Sardar Ji’

Fantasy film ‘Sardar Ji’ starring Diljit Dosanjh is on its way to become one of the biggest blockbuster Punjabi films of all time after recording the largest opening in Punjabi film Industry’s history. The film can be described as a comedy filled with suspense. A Punjabi movie goer whose out to have a good time […]

Box Office Report Film Sardar Ji of Diljit Dosanjh Shows Largest Opening Ever

Box office report of film Sardar Ji broke the all time opening day record of any Punjabi film to date. The film brought in record collections from India and worldwide markets on it’s opening weekend. The collections of the film are as follows: Australia and New Zealand: 1,17,000 USA and Canada: 1,10,000 UK: 19,560 India: […]