Calls For Sarbatt Khalsa Grow Louder With More Support

The decision of the mysterious Pardon by the Akal Takht to the Dera Sirsa Sadh Gurmit Ram Rahim caused a major controversy and outrage among the Sikh community worldwide. A meeting of major Sikh organizations was held in Sri Amritsar Sahib on the issue where the Sikh groups unitedly opposed and rejected the decision by […]

Social Media Survey Shows 99.5% Sikhs Want Sarbatt Khalsa to Remove All Jathedars

In a Survey conducted by Daily Sikh Updates on social networks, the survey result showed an astounding 99.5% of Sikhs want a Sarbatt Khalsa to remove all Jathedars. Over 2,000 Sikhs on social networks worldwide responded to the survey and agreed a Sarbatt Khalsa is necessary. The recent decision of pardon by 5 Sikh Jathedars […]

The Need of Sarbatt Khalsa and Panj Piare

In the other, historical, sense, Sarbat Khalsa is the highest organ of the Khalsa Commonwealth representing its “integrated will,” which no Sikh commoner, sardar or prince could dare defy. Sarbatt Khalsa, meeting in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib, is the supreme sovereign body, with deliberative and executive powers, including authority to direct the […]