Sangrur Youths Kill Elderly Man Over Drug Money

3 drunk youths from Sangrur took the life of an elderly guard over robbing him for drug money. The 3 were under the influence of alcohol when they were arrested by police. The youths robbed 500 rupees after murdering the elderly guard. The drug problem in Punjab has become out of control as thousands of […]

Serial Killer Caught in Sangrur: Said He “Killed Nihang Singh For Fun”

A major serial killed has been caught in Sangrur, Punjab. The Man named Gurdeep Singh is already the main suspect in 2 cases involving beheading. He would first become friendly with his victim and would murder them to obtain their personal property. In one case he killed a local vendor named Ranjit Singh in a […]

Unemployed Youth in Sangrur, Punjab Become Bee Farmers

Sangrur, October 2 Rising unemployment and initiatives of the Horticulture Department to promote beekeeping have driven youth in Sangrur to take up the profession.  At the Krishi Vigiyan Kendra (KVK), Kherri, Sangrur, training is imparted in beekeeping four times a year. For every batch of 35 that is trained for six days, an equal number […]