Ranjit Bawa says ‘I Was Doing Sikhi Parchar’ at Nakodar Baba Dera

In an exclusive interview Surinder Singh of talking Punjab, Ranjit Bawa spoke out against the controversy surrounding him singing at Mastaan Lal Badshah Dera at Nakodar. Sikhs worldwide were outraged after videos surfaced of him singing at the Dera. Ranjit Bawa became famous very quickly due to his popular songs such as ‘Munda Sardaraan Da’ […]

Singer Calls Out Ranjit Bawa Over Copying Lyrics

The controversy of Ranjit Bawa singing at Masta Dera Baba in Nakodar grew bigger after a famous Punjabi singer named Preet Harpal called him out. In a Facebook post,  Preet Harpal criticized Bawa for singing his song without permission and replacing his father’s name.  He told Bawa to be careful next time and to respect […]

Video: Ranjit Bawa Sells Soul to “Masta” Dera Baba

Ranjit Bawa came under fire on social networks after videos surfaced of him praising ‘Lal Badshah’ Mastaan Dera Baba at Nakodar Mela. Ranjit Bawa who claims to be supporting Sikh causes has Sikhs worldwide outraged after his despicable act. The Singer sold his soul to the Dera Baba and his respect also. Ranjit Bawa became […]

Ranjit Bawa Under Fire After Performing at ‘Nakodar Lal Badshah’

The Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa is under fire after videos surfaced of him performing at the Nakodar Mela of Baba Lal Badshah. It seems quite clear singers will do anything for money and perform at any dera Baba’s venue. After Hansraj Hans and Gurdas Mann, Ranjit Bawa became the latest Punjabi mainstream singer to sing […]

Ranjit Bawa’s Song For New Film is a Must Watch (Video)

New Song by Ranjit Bawa called “PUNJABIO! JAAGDE KE SUTTE?” for film Patta Patta Singha Da Vairi is getting major response after it’s release. The song shows the story of how hard working Sikhs were being targeted by the police in the 1990s. The song and movie is a portrayal of how GurSikhs were deliberately […]

Ranjit Bawa’s Poetry Goes Viral (Video)

A video of Ranjit Bawa has gone viral on social networks. The poetic lines sung by the Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa is being appreciated and has received a big response. However, the poetic lines actually belong to Gurjit Singh of the Gurmat Missionary College from Ludhiana. Gurjit Singh had sung the lines in front of […]

Dollar Vs Roti Must Listen Ranjit Bawa Song (Video)

Ranjit Bawa, 24, Gurdaspur Background: “In Class 6, I sang a song at school which was really appreciated. My music teacher Master trained me and made sure I participated in music competitions,” recalls Bawa. While doing his graduation from Guru Nanak College, Batala, and post-graduation at Khalsa College, Amritsar, Bawa participated in competitions for six […]

Singer Ranjit Bawa Visits Bhai Gurbaksh (Video)

Singer Ranjit Bawa become one of the few singers to visit Bhai Gurbaksh at the Lakhnaur Sahib Morcha. The singer at the morcha said a Poetry on sacrifices of Sikhs. The singer became very popular after his song titled “Sadi Vari Aan De” which received a lot of praise. After Harbhajan Mann visited Bhai Gurbaksh […]