H.S.Phoolka demands withdrawal of Rajiv Gandhi’s Bharat Ratna

Senior lawyer HS Phoolka, who has been fighting for the rights of 1984 Sikh massacre victims, on Thursday demanded that former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Bharat Ratna Award be withdrawn, and accused him of justifying the 1984 ‘genocide’. The recent video released by HS Phoolka has left no doubt among the national media that Rajiv […]

Goose bump Giving Story: Man Stayed in Tree for 10 Days to Assasinate Rajiv Gandhi

Karamjit Singh is the same person who fired on Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 2 October 1986, now living in Sunam Distt. Sangrur and running a Public School. Karamjit Singh stayed in a tree for over ten days and spent the worse days in his life in a 1 Sqft area. […]