In one of the most bizarre things to have happened, a naked man broke into a Gurdwara Sahib in Spokane, Washington causing $35,000 in damage. The Spokane Country Sheriff’s department stated that the naked man broke into the Gurdwara and then grabbed a hold of a ceremonial sword and went on a rampage destroying property. […]

UK Sikh Politician Harassed in Dubai Over Kara and Wanted to Cut It

(DSU News Bureau) UK based politician Amandeep Singh Duggal was harassed in Dubai over his kara. He told Times Now the airport staff wanted to cut his kara and wanted to confiscate his necklace and kara. The Sikh’s religious rights were violated at the airport. Amandeep Says he has entered Dubai in and out before […]

Singh Speaks Out on “Islamophobia” Based Attacks on Sikhs (Video)

Mankamal Singh from Atam Academy, was on “London Live” on the issue of Islamophobia based attacks on Sikhs. A recent video of a Sikh boy being called “terrorist” has started a national conversation in many countries on the issue of racist based attacks. The video received several million views on Youtube and almost all major […]

Rare Video Surfaces of Sikhs Protesting Against Racism in UK

A video from 1979 has been released showing Sikhs being manhandled by police for protesting against the National Front who had a killed a member of the Sikh Community 3 years prior. This is a small news clip covering the clash between the police and the predominantly asian community in Southall, London. The National Front […]

Australian Cricket Board Forced to Delete Racist Tweet of Posting Picture of 4 Sikh Men Dressed up as Teletubies as a Jibe at Monty Panesar

The tweet with the caption ‘Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up’ was called racist by many and there was a lot of Twitter lashing at the official Twitter account of Cricket Australia who were forced to apologise for the tweet. The Cricket Australia tweet that was deleted later – Twitter The Ashes have […]

Message of Hope and Strength After Attack on Sikh Professor

Originally Published By Manmeet Kaur on The Daily Beast  As many news outlets in New York City have reported, my husband, Prabhjot Singh, a professor at Columbia University, a doctor, who happens to also be an American Sikh, was the victim of an attack in Harlem on Saturday evening after being called a “terrorist.” He was walking along the north […]

Mississippi Judge Ejects Sikh Man Out of Court, Says “Remove That Rag”

Update 9/27/13 The American Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation after a Mississippi judge allegedly kicked a Sikh man out of his courtroom and ordered him to remove his turban before coming back in for his hearing. This all came after commercial truck driver Jageet Singh was allegedly harassed by police who called him a […]