Punjabi Song Gains National Attention Over Glorifying Killing

A new Punjabi song is making the headlines of Indian national newspapers for glorifying killing people from jail. The song highlights gangsters being able to make phone calls from jail and openly updating their social network profiles. The act of killing by having a certain amount of reach as been further glorified through the lyrics […]

Punjabi Being Swallowed by Urdu and Hindi

Punjabi is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages today. It has over a hundred million native speakers, more than German, French, Persian or Urdu. Unfortunately though, it has also been one of the most neglected lingos, in its own home and by its own people. Punjab’s elite first deserted it for Urdu and […]

Parody Singer Blasts Punjabi Singers Over Songs

Parody Punjabi singer Happy Manila has once again blasted Punjabi singers over the horrendous lyrics of songs. He targeted singers over mentioning guns, violence, women, and drugs in their songs which have turned the youth in the wrong path. The singer has created many popular parody songs which have been widely praised.

Is Punjabi Culture the Devil that Prevents Connection with Sikhi ?

An interesting and thought provoking blog post by Jasjit Singh on how Punjabi music and culture corrupts the mind and get in the way of connecting with God. The more I learn about Sikhi everyday, the more I realize that the Punjabi music industry and this falsely created Punjabi culture is our BIGGEST obstacle towards […]

British MP Launches Petition To Save Teaching of Punjabi in Schools

A British MP by the name of John McDonnell is petitioning the upcoming British Government to allow the Punjabi language to be taught in schools at the GCSE and A level. Punjabi was the 2nd most spoken language in the UK in the 2001 Census and according to the 2011 census it was the 3rd […]

Song “Singh, This is Not What You Call Sardari” Gives a Strong Message

A Punjabi song “Singh, This Is Not What You Call Sardari” gives a strong message to the youth about protecting the image of a Sardar. The song starts off with a bunch of young men drinking and driving. The main actor throughout the video sees a GurSikh appearance of himself as a reminder that what […]

How Punjabizm Causes Misinterpretation of Gurbani (Video)

This short video was taken from a hard hitting talk @ Southgate Gurdwara, which will be online soon. Jagraj Singh goes through how Punjabism doesn’t help learning Gurmukhi and understanding of Gurbani. There are two examples here of where the word ‘Kio’ doesn’t have the same meaning in Punjabi as it does in Gurmukhi. Find […]

World’s Strongest Punjabi Shows Unbelievable Body Strength (Video)

The recently declared World’s Strongest punjabi Ankit Singh shows impressive body strength. He’s passed impressive 700lb squat mark and currently no other Punjabi in the world has hit this mark. Here is a quote by Ankit Singh on the Squat: “Do not underestimate the pause squat. My squats have gone up a lot because of […]

This is Why Sikh Girls Struggle to Marry Punjabi Boys

This article was originally Published at Sikhnet Firstly, I want to apologise for the stereotyping I will be doing throughout this article. However, I recognise much of what I am about to write comes from past and present experiences with passionate feelings of suppression and a drive for change. This article is not for the […]

Punjabi Actor’s Heartfelt Message (Video)

A Punjabi Comedian/Actor gave his heartfelt message emphasizing the importance of not only reading Gurbani but also using it in their daily lives. He stressed the importance of projects which promote Gurbani knowledge which Dharam Seva Records has been dedicated in doing. Dharam Seva Records was founded with one mission in mind to serve the […]

Punjabis Take Law Into Their Hands and Pay the Price (Video)

In a town in the United States, Punjabis took law and order into their own hands and paid the price. Apparently, a black man in the video was caught stealing inside the store. The 2 Punjabi men told him to leave even after catching him red handed. The man remained outside of the premises and […]