Family Tortured and Axed to Death in Horrific Murder

A father, his wife, and their son were brutally murdered in a rental property in Chehlan village of Samrala this past friday afternoon. The victims were tied up with cotton stuffed inside their mouths. The police identified the victims as Sukhdev Singh age 50, Gurmeet Kaur age 48, and son Harjot Singh age 25. The […]

Sikhs and Hindus Build Mosque for Muslims in Punjab Village

A village in Punjab has shown a perfect example of communal harmony. In Barnala district, brahmins and Musims are helping Muslims to build mosque. Brahmins have even donated a land where the mosque is to be constructed. The Sikhs provided financial assistance for the Mosque to build a beautiful place of worship for the Muslim […]

Diljit’s Response to Anchor Making Fun of Punjabis

Diljit Dosanjh gave a brilliant response to an anchor asking a very ignorant question on Punjab. The anchor stated that Punjabis often get insulted over minor things such as when someone overtakes them or other little things. Diljit stated to the anchor that where the anchor arrived at this opinion by visiting which area. The […]

Justin Trudeau Schedule for Punjab Visit

The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will visit the state of Punjab tomorrow which has excited every Punjabi around the world. Punjabis around the globe await to see the Canadian PM visit Sri Harmandir Sahib with his family. PM Trudeau doesn’t want anyone other than his family to accompany him in and around Sri Darbar Sahib […]

After Saving Mother, Punjab Man Treats Cancer Patients With Wheat Grass

A man who became popular on social media after he cured his mother of last stage cancer using wheat grass. The man grows the wheat grass using a technique he developed and he states that he regularly treats people who have cancer. A Singh in a village of Punjab was devastated after his mother was […]

Sikh Man Guards and Takes Care of Muslim Mosque in Sirhind, Punjab

In one of the best examples of interfaith harmony, a Sikh Granthi guards and takes care of a Mughal era mosque in the village of Mahadian new Sirhind, Punjab. The Mosque which has severely deteriorated still stands thanks to a Sikh man named Jeet Singh . Jeet Singh is the granthi of the neighboring Gurdwara […]

Canadian Man Goes to Punjab for Marriage, Charged on Alleged False Charges

Canadian men visiting Punjab for marriages purposes were shocked after alleged false charges were filed against them. Four NRIs were hit with charges after a fight broke out outside their home. The men say they have nothing to do with a fight which occurred outside their home and they know nothing about it. The NRIs […]

Man Tries to Scare Punjabis with Snake For Money But it Backfires

A man went around various villages of Punjab with a snake to scare people and then demand money from them. Many people became victims who paid the man just to avoid being bit by the snake. However, word spread to official snake handlers and caretakers and they approached the man. Several snake caretakers exposed the […]

Kaur Singh Gets 5 Lakh Donation for Heart Treatment from Shah Rukh Khan

The Asian gold medalist Kaur Singh was delighted when he heard Shahrukh Khan donated rs 5 Lakh to pay for his medical bills. The 52 year old won a gold medal in boxing at the Asian games in 1982 and found it difficult to pay for bills in his treatment of a heart condition. Kaur […]

Punjabi Singer Rupinder Handa Says Babbu Mann Fans Abused Her

Punjabi singers Rupinder Handa went live on Facebook to speak out on Babbu Mann fans abusing her. She stated that she was a victim of female demeaning foul language that hurt her feelings. She went live for about half hour on Facebook and stated that Punjab is not in good hands with people openly using […]

Encounter between police and Vicky Gonder gang

An encounter took place between the members of the Vicky Gounder gang and the police in Bathinda. The news report says that Shera Khuban gang members joined Vicky Gounder after Shera’s encounter. The police have been looking for Vicky Gounder who reportedly tired to enter Punjab from Haryana in the last week. The police traced […]

Punjab’s New Silent Epidemic Killing Spree is Alarming

Punjab has a basket full of health problems such as the nation’s highest rate of cancer per capita and drug issues but it also has a major problem of deaths caused by contaminated drinking water from sewage. Many people in rural Punjab dig a big hole underneath their home for sewer which directly contaminates their […]