ASI Proves Separates Laws for Police and Public After Viral Video

A video surfaced online showing a Punjab police ASI breaking multiple traffic laws. The ASI not only didn’t have a license plate but also didn’t wear a seat belt and spoke on the phone at the same time. A concerned citizen questioned him on why he wasn’t following laws but yet he was responsible person […]

Police Officer Caught Threatening Fake Drug Case Against Shop Owner

A Punjab police officer walks inside a Reebok Showroom in Ludhiana and immediately asks the owner for a free pair of shoes. The owner of the shop declined the police officer and that’s when he threaten a drug case. The police officer used his position to intimidate the shop owner but it back fired. The […]

Shocking: Policeman Beats Constable for Bribe in Gurdaspur

A constable Bhupinder Singh says his senior police officer beat him after he refused to give a bribe. He revealed he had given bribes in the past after pressure from his senior. He also accuses the officer of making him sell illegal drugs to raise money. Bhupinder alleges he works over the required time and […]

Gundagardi of Police Caught on Video

Gundagardi of Police Caught on Video by dailysikhupdates New Delhi: Just about every country deals with corruption in one way or another, but some can’t even trust the people whose sole job is to protect them. All around the world, police forces have been plagued by deep-rooted corruption and criminal activity that have hurt society […]