Guru Gobind Singh Ji Shastars Locked Up in Room For 5 Years, Damaged

Punjab Sikh Counci wants Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj’s shashtars currently locked up in Patiala Kila Mubarak released from Punjab Govt. The council has given a 30 days ultimatum to Punjab government for the release of shashtars which have been locked up for nearly 5 years. The council held a march where AAP MP Dr. Dharamveer […]

5 Reasons Why the Patiala Kingdom Betrayed the Sikh Nation

The mass murderer of Sikhs and the man who was responsible for the Wadda Ghallughara(40,000 Sikhs died) Ahmed Shah Abdali recognized the founder of the Patiala Kingdom Ala Singh as his ally due to the support he gave Abdali. The surprising thing of all is that Guru Gobind Singh Ji had written an Hukamnama in […]