URGENT: Save the Famous Punjabi Deli From Closing in NYC

The famous NYC Punjabi Deli is in danger of closing after massive business loss due to construction on it’s sidewalk which has several years and still incomplete. Filmmaker Adeel Ahmed has directed a short film in hopes of preserving a piece of New York City’s culture and a Lower East Side neighborhood staple. The Punjabi […]

Must Watch Rap of Reply to “12 O’clock Joke” at NYC Sikh Day Parade (Video)

A Singh at the 28th annual Sikh Day Parade sang a rap as a reply to the 12 O’clock Joke. Brief History In 1739 Nadir Shah, King of Persia, crossed the frontier and swept down towards New Delhi, India. He was the first invader who was here only to plunder and kill, with no intention […]

Sikh Becomes Hero of New York City After Heroic Act (Video)

A New York tow truck operator, who rescued a 13-year-old boy struck by a New York Police Department school safety van, is now talking about his role in the dramatic rescue, which was captured on video. After the student was hit on Coney Island Ave., Izzy Weiss started videotaping the incident. Jaswinder Singh then arrived […]

Italian American Woman Sikh Cab Driver’s Inspiration From Sikhi

She looks and dresses like a traditional Indian woman, yet she speaks with an American-Italian Brooklyn accent. Maria Provenzano Singh is also one of the few women cab drivers in New York City. Recently, a young man pulled out a gun at the end of the ride in Harlem. She sped away, the cab’s door […]

Man Who Ran Over a Sikh in a Racist Attack Arrested

New York: A 55-year-old man has been arrested here on charges that he called a Sikh man a “terrorist” and mowing him down with his pick-up truck, in an apparent hate crime. Police in Queens arrested Joseph Caleca of Setauket in Suffolk County and charged him with attempted murder and hate crime, ABC 7 News […]

Another Racist Attack Against Sikhs in NYC, Prof and His Mom Beaten

Representational image New York: Just days after a Sikh man was hit and dragged by a truck, another Sikh man and his mother were attacked in New York by a group of teenagers who called them ‘Osama Bin Laden’ in an apparent hate crime, sparking fresh outrage among the community members. The Sikh man, a […]

Prabhjot Singh, Professor at Columbia University Attacked in NYC in a Hate Crime

A Columbia University professor was assaulted on Saturday night in what police say is being investigated as a hate crime. According to a New York Police Department source, Dr. Prabhjot Singh, who is Sikh and wears a turban and a beard, was attacked at 8:15 p.m. while walking along 110th Street near Lennox Avenue in upper […]

Savneet Singh’s Innovation of the Precious Metals Market

It was not just the entrepreneurial bug;Savneet Singh also wanted to create something beyond an ordinary business, a start-up that was unique. And so in 2009, Gold Bullion International (GBI) was set up. It was the first electronic platform for investors to buy, trade and store physical precious metals. “There has been no innovation in the […]