Sikhs Unhappy After New Zealand Uses a Non-Sikh as Turbaned Sikh to Recruit

Sikh community leaders were unhappy at the New Zealand police for using a Samoan man dressed as Sikh for recruitment purposes. The community leaders told the press the video featured a non-Sikh whose turban was incorrectly tied and it violated tradition. The video shot in a Hollywood style and featured humor didn’t go too humorous […]

New Zealand PM: Sikhs Should Be Allowed to Wear Kirpans at All World Cup Matches

Prime Minister John Key believes the International Cricket Council has it wrong in barring Sikh fans from wearing kirpans at World Cup matches. Via: NZ Herald Mr Key has also signalled that the Government could change current Civil Aviation Authority rules to allow kirpans to be taken on flights. Seven Sikh cricket fans were barred […]

Amazing Aerial Views of Nagar Kirtan in New Zealand

Sikhs in New Zealand make up over 0.4% of the total population. The Sikh population in New Zealand more than doubled from 9,500 in the 2006 Census to 19,000 in the 2013 Census. Sikhism is currently the 4th largest Non-Christian religion in New Zealand, behind Hinduism,Buddhism and Islam. Indians started arriving in New Zealand at […]

Leaked Phone Tape Reveals Ten Year Plan to Eradicate Sikh Beliefs and Banis

Controversial Radio Host of Radio Virsa Harnek Singh stated on a phone conversation where he was formulating a plan on banning Nitnem Banis and a larger ten year plan to eradicate Sikh institutions. He stated that the plan needs to start with the Akal Takht which can take 10 years and then working towards changing […]

Viral: New Zealand PM John Key Breaks Out His Bhangra Moves

The New Zealand PM John Key at an event organized by the local Punjabi community broke out his Bhangra moves. The Prime Minister is seen dancing to Diljit Dosanjh’s newest song. The PM is well very by the Punjabi community for his policies supporting minority communities. The PM is often seen giving speeches inside Gurdwaras. […]

Massive Sacrilege During Ardas at This New Zealand Gurdwara

A Singh doing ardas at a New Zealand Gurdwara Sahib committed sacrilege by changing the Dohra normally said during the end of the ardas. He replaced “Guru Granth Ji Manyo” to “Panth Khalsa Manyo”. Recently, Missionary Sikhs have started to grossly change Sikh code of conduct to meet their own agenda. A few weeks ago, […]

Sikh Forgives After Being Falsely Accused of Bomb Threat

Video: Jaspreet Singh a Sikh medical student aged 21 was sitting at a Columbus Coffee Cafe at the Auckland Cafe waiting for his professor to discuss his research project he’d been working on. After 20 minutes of chatting with his professor the police arrived and wanted to take Mr. Singh aside for questioning. However, the […]

Woman Calls Police on Sikh Medical Student After Seeing “some wires in his bag”

Jaspreet Singh a medical student aged 21 was sitting at a Columbus Coffee Cafe at the Auckland Cafe waiting for his professor when suddenly police arrived pulled him outside for questioning. The police stated that a woman was concerned about “a guy with some wires in his bag”. Jaspreet showed the police the wires from […]

Bhagwant Mann Welcomed in New Zealand by Haka Dancers

The natives known as Kiwis welcomed Bhagwant Mann by doing their traditional Haka dance at the Auckland airport. The resounding welcome by the dancers created a media buzz with local outlets picking up the story of the uncommon act at the airport. The haka (plural is the same as singular: haka) is a traditional ancestral […]

Young Punjabi Boy Missing in New Zealand

Punjabi boy missing in New Zealand A young Punjabi boy named Mandeep Multani went missing from Bunglow 8, a Nite Club, in Viaduct on Saturday October 10, 2015. A police complaint was registered but no action to find the boy was taken. The boy from Punjab attends the culinary school of Cornell College located on […]

Terrifying Video Captures 4 French Tourists Falling Through NZ Bridge

4 French tourists fall through Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk bridge, New Zealand After China’s cracked glass-Bottom bridge All Over the World Created a stir, here in New Zealand Comes SPINE chilling Footage of a bridge collapsing. The CLIP shows Hopu Ruahine Four French Tourists Trekking towards the bridge in Hawkes Bay. One of the Tourists […]

Four Wheeling on Beach Without Seat Belt Results in Death of 4 in New Zealand

A Sikh man and 3 of his friends died in a deadly car crash on Muriwai Beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The 4 men between ages 27 to 32 were driving at speed along the beech when suddenly they lost control and spun out causing the vehicle to overturn. The victims identified as: Syed Jafri, […]