UK Gurdwara Raises Thousands in Just Minutes for Nepal Relief

Members of the congregation at the Gurdwara Sahib Leamington and Warwick have rallied round to raise thousands of pounds for the victims of the Nepal earthquake which happened on Saturday. Members acted very quickly and made the announcement from the stage on Sunday to appeal to the congregation for help to those affected by the […]

Gurdwara Committees To Setup Nonstop Langar in Nepal (Video)

New Delhi (27.4.14): Punjab Deputy Chief Minister sukhbir Singh Akali Dal and other representatives of SGPC and DSGMC have pledged to set up nonstop langar seva in Nepal. Gurdwara around Delhi have been working day and night preparing food packets which are being sent daily to Nepal numbering 25,000 from DSGMC. The SGPC is preparing […]

Unbelievable Drone Footage Shows Disaster Scale From Nepal Earthquake

Striking drone footage from Kathmandu gives an aerial view of severe damage inflicted on the Nepali capital by the recent magnitude 7.9 earthquake. The earthquake has so far claimed over 3,000 lives causing massive devastation to the region. The historic temples of Nepal were almost all destroyed to the earthquake and it’s powerful aftershocks. The […]

Sikh Father and Son Died After Tower Collapsed on Their Shop in Nepal

(DSU News Bureau) A Sikh father and son who owned and ran an eatery under the historic Dharahara tower in Kathmandu were killed after the 7.9 earthquake caused the tower to crumble. The father and son belonged to the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir and ran the eatery for 30 years. The father Sujan […]

Panic After Powerful Aftershock Hits Nepal Magnitude 6.7 (Video)

A super powerful 6.7 magnitude aftershock struck the Kathmandu region in Nepal a day after the worst recorded earthquake to hit Nepal since the 1930s. The 7.9 earthquake has already claimed 2500 lives with hundreds still being rescued and trapped in rubble. “The aftershocks keep coming … so people don’t know what to expect,” said […]

Khalsa Aid Team Dispatched to Nepal For Help in Relief Efforts

(DSU News Bureau) Khalsa Aid UK has dispatched a team of relief aid workers to earthquake hit Nepal. The first relief aid workers have arrived in Nepal and will be assisting in rescue operations immediately. Several more relief aid workers of Khalsa Aid are to arrive in the country whose death toll due to the […]

SGPC to Send 100,000 Parshade with 20,000 Food Packets to Nepal Immediately

(DSU News Bureau) The Shiromoni Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee’s head Avtar Singh Makkar has announced to send over 100,000 Parshade (Chapatis) to the country of Nepal following the 7.9 earthquake which devastated the region. The committee will send the parshade through the Indian Air Force air craft to Kathmandu airport from where they will be dispatched […]

What Happened When a Sikh Reversed Racism (Video)

A Video by a Sikh man who launched a Youtube channel called beardly amusing posted a video showing what happens when racism gets reversed. The video should be titled when stereotypes are reversed because throughout the video stereotypes are addressed in a comical way. “Sometimes those of us that are of “ethnic” origin face “adversity” […]

Before and After Pictures of Nepal’s Historic Buildings After 7.9 Earthquake

Death toll has risen above 2,000 people in Nepal. Indian prime minister Modi has ordered an immediate dispatch of relief and medical teams to Nepal, and the evacuation of Indian tourists. Meanwhile, Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif has offered “all possible help” that Nepal may need after the earthquake. Spokesperson for Govt of Nepal Said: […]

Building Collapse Caught on Film in Nepal (Video)

A devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale has struck Nepal, resulting in over 2,000 deaths as well as 34 in India. The massive earthquake hit Nepal and north India in which buildings collapsed in Kathmandu and even triggered a large avalanche on Mount Everest. Whilst the death toll is still rising as more […]

Hundreds Dead Across 4 Countries After Powerful 7.8 Earthquake Hits Nepal

Updates: Spokesperson for Govt of Nepal Said: “We are facing a tremendous crisis here and it is hard to even assess what the death toll and the extent of damage could be,” said Mohan Krishna Sapkota, a second tourism official. The trekkers are scattered all around the base camp and some had even trekked further […]

Turkish Plane Crash Lands in Kathmandu (Video)

Accident of Turkish Plane TK726 while landing at Kathmandu. The Airbus 330 flight no. TK726 coming from Istanbul, Turkey to Kathmandu, Nepal carrying 248 passengers had an accident at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal. Front tyre on the plane got punctured and the plane got out-tracked from the runway and dived the front nose to […]