Giani Gurbachan Singh Slams Naamdhari Sect Under Fire Over Sacrilege of Gurbani

Giani Gurbachan Singh the SGPC Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib called out the Naamdhari leader Thakur Dalip Singh over women doing aarti with plates around him. Giani Gurbachan Singh said, “it’s not right for him to have aarti done this way as it’s disrespectful to Gurbani.” He warned the leader over hurting Sikh sentiments […]

Naamdhari Group to Follow Maryada of Khalsa Panth Completely

Naamdhari group leader Thakur Dalip Singh announced this past Sunday to join the mainstream Khalsa Panth at a ceremony in Pataka Marker in Amritsar. Thakur Dalip Singh told his followers to wear full Sikh attire along with the 3′ Kirpan. The longer kirpan was always kept by Sikhs but during the British rule a ban […]

New Video Shows Raagi Balbir Singh Calling Naamdhari “Dhan Sri Guru SatGuru”

A video surfaced of Raagi Balbir Singh with Naamdhari Guru Jasjit Singh. The video starts off with Raagi Bhai Balbir Singh and his 2 deceased brothers performing kirtan in front of the Naamdharis. At 1 Hour 6 minutes of the video Raagi Balbir Singh calls the Naamdhari as “Dhan Sri Guru SatGuru” Ragi Balbir Singh […]