Diljit Dosanjh Speaks out on 12’Clock “Joke”

Diljit is without a doubt the biggest star in the Punjabi music industry and even the Punjabi film industry, who has been given many offers to star in Bollywood movies. His character and personality has certainly captured the hearts of Punjabi music fans, and introduced a new style into the industry. Whilst on stage during […]

Mind Blowing Song ‘Sardar Ji’ by Surj RDB Getting MASSIVE Response

A new song ‘Sardar Ji’by Surj from the original RBB 3 is taking over the charts and getting tremendous response. The song’s terrific lyrics are being appreciated by Sikhs worldwide. The group RDB split up after one of the 3 tragically passed away. One of the brothers Manj started his own music company called Manj […]