Student Tortured and Beaten in Moga Village School

A Student named Rajdeep Singh was badly beaten by the teacher at a public school of village of Moga named Sinkawala. The child was beaten brutally according to the students who witnessed the attack. Allegedly, the student was punched and kicked throughout his body. The father says soon as he was told regarding the beating […]

Sukhbir Badal Responds to Media on Moga Bus Incident

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal gave a press conference on the Moga Bus Incident which claimed the life of a 14 year old girl after molested and then thrown off the Orbit Bus. Sukhbir Badal said that those involved have been booked and a case has been registered against them, but why is he […]

Moga Victim’s Grandmother Unhappy After Son Sells Out

The Moga Orbit Bus victim’s grandmother expressed her unhappiness over the father accepting 30 lakhs from the government. The grandmother told a reporter she was barely even allowed to see the dead body and the decision was not of the family to accept the money. She said she wasn’t aware her son accepted the money […]

New Video Shows Culprit of Moga Orbit Bus on CCTV Footage

The video shows the Orbit Bus bus a little while before the untoward incident took place in Moga. The footage shows the culprit moments before the young girl was thrown out of the bus. The footage shows the reckless driving by the driver breaking all traffic rules and putting lives of other vehicles drivers in […]

Moga Bus Incident Eyewitness says Accused Persons Aren’t Actual Suspects

(DSU News Bureau) An eyewitness of the Moga Orbit bus incident told a reporter the suspects he saw weren’t the ones who molested and threw the 14 year old girl out which led to her death. The eyewitness went onto say that he was brought to identify the suspects and the ones he saw weren’t […]

Breaking News: CCTV Footage of Moga Orbit Bus Surfaces

(DSU News Bureau) CCTV Footage of the Moga Orbit bus involved in the death of a 14 year old girl who was molested and thrown off has emerged. The footage captured just seconds before the incident shows how recklessly it was being driven. The bus crosses the opposite side to pick up the cleaner who […]

Moga’s Victim’s Father Happy With Offering by Govt, Says ‘Sorry’ to Public

(DSU News Bureau) The father of the 14 year old girl who died after being molested and thrown off the Orbit Bus said he wants to perform final rites of his daughter after receiving money from the Government. Reportedly, he was given 30 Lakhs and he told reporters he was happy with the amount. The […]

Bhagwant Mann Demands Ban on Orbit Bus, Gets Complaint Filed by ADTO

Bhagwant Mann and supporters of AAP protested against Orbit Bus company whose staff molested and threw mother and daughter out of the moving Bus in Moga few days ago. Bhagwant Mann and supporters stopped two of the Orbit buses in Sangrur and called the ADTO to check the mechanics of the buses. The ADTO found […]

Must Watch: Grandmother of Moga Victims Speaks Her Heart Out

(DSU News Bureau) The grandmother of the 14 year old girl who was molested and thrown out of Orbit bus in Moga spoke out. The Orbit Bus is owned by Sukhbir Badal who ordered suspension of all buses and required all drivers and conductors to go through re-training. The grandmother of the victim said, the […]

Badal Suspends Orbit Buses, Says Will “Retrain” Drivers and Conductors

After protests sparked in Punjab against the Orbit bus company and Badal family, Sukhbir Badal has suspended operation of the company. He issued a statement saying the drivers and conductor will be retrained in Delhi for passengers. Protesters are demanding termination of the bus company completely and asking Sukhbir Badal’s resignation. The controversy became bigger […]