Manmohan Singh Breaks Personal Record of Most Words Spoken In 1 Minute

The silent former Prime Minister actually spoke nonstop for over a minute but no body knew what he stated. The PM addressed issues of suspension of MPs but it appeared as if a robot was speaking. The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is known for staying quiet but speaking so many words under a minute […]

Manmohan Singh is Wondering Who Will Play His Role in New Bollywood Film

The blog entries of Manmohan Singh reveals the former Prime Minister is excited about the film and looking forward to which actor can best play his role. Tuesday, 21st July, 2015 Brilliant news! I am going to be a film star. They are going to make a movie about my life as PM. So excited! […]

Watch the Special Treatment for Manmohan Singh At Sri Harmandar Sahib

Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh visited Sri Harmandar Sahib today to pay his respects to Sri Harmandar Sahib. It appears he received special treatment during his visit. First the SGPC task force forms a circular barrier around the former PM India. Second, he doesn’t wait in line to enter Sri Harmandar Sahib but instead allowed […]

Congress Wants Manmohan Singh to be Awarded “Panth Rattan Fakhar-e-Quam”

Congress leader Sukhjinder Singh wrote a letter to CM Badal and Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib to honor Manmohan Singh as “Panth Rattan Fakhar-e-Quam”.” The Congress leader might not be aware the award is only given to those who’ve served the Khalsa Panth selflessly and made immense contributions. The award isn’t for whose served the state […]

United States Court Issues Summons to PM Manmohan Singh

JALANADHAR: Less than 20 days after securing summons from a US court against Congress president Sonia Gandhi for protecting perpetrators of the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, New York-based rights group Sikhs For Justice has now secured summons from a federal court in Washington DC against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his alleged role in sanctioning big amounts as cash rewards for […]