Known As “Man in Blue” Harjinder Singh’s Touching Story (Video)

Cornelis Harjinder Singh Heule was born in 1947 in Roermond in the Netherlands as Cornelis Heule. He is known as Harjinder Singh and also by “Man in Blue”, names given to him when he became an initiated Sikh in 1996. He followed primary school in his hometown and the first half of his secondary in […]

“I Became Sikh of the Guru After Visiting Sri Harmandir Sahib”

Harjinder Singh Khalsa known as ‘Man in Blue’ talks about how he was able to get off of drugs and alcohol after doing darshan of Guru Ji at Sri Harmandir Sahib. He states that he had life changing experience and it brought him close to Akal Purakh Wahe Guru. While visiting Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji, […]