WOW! Best Speech by Muslim Man in Support of Sikhs

A Muslim brother gave an unbelievably powerful speech in support of Sikhs. He strongly condemned the killings of Sikhs in Kotakpura and stated that to not fall into the trap of attempts being made to disrupt communal harmony. Muslims from Malerkotla and other regions of Punjab have joined Sikhs in protesting against the Sacrilege of […]

Muslims in Malerkota Guard Gurdwaras After Multiples Acts of Sacrilege Across Punjab

    In recent days, many acts of sacrilege have been committed throughout Punjab. A shocking 7 separate acts of sacrilege were committed yesterday alone where multiple saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji were torn. The Muslim community of Malerkota took it as a responsibility to show communal harmony by guarding Sikh religious places. […]