Sikh Man Makes History Becomes Head of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Police

Sikh Man Makes History Becomes Head of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Police. Article Published on Malaysia Samachar Amar Singh, a third-generation cop, made history for the Sikh community in Malaysia today when he was appointed as the chief police officer (CPO) of Kuala Lumpur, with the rank of commissioner. This is the highest rank attained by […]

Now Going Viral: Video of Sikh Body Builder in Kuala Lampur

(DSU News Bureau) A video of a Sikh bodybuilder named Harmeet Singh has been trending on social networks for the past few days. The video is of the 2nd Annual Mr. Kuala Lampur competition in which the Singh participated in. The event attracts participants of all class ranging from Juniors to Masters. The Singh’s hard […]

Elderly Sikh Woman’s Body Found Floating in Malaysian Bay

A Sikh woman’s body was found floating in a bay of Malaysia called Sungai Udang. The woman had become a victim of a web of crimes in the area. After being kidnapped she was murdered last Saturday and thrown into the bay. As of now, the suspect is still at large and the Penang police […]

Roof Collapses After Sikhs Recover Saroop Submerged Underwater

This video was taken by the UNITED SIKHS minutes after the gurdwara roof collapsed on them at the site of the worst flood in Malaysia s east coast town of K.Krai in Kelantan. With grace n kirpa of God we escaped unhurt n managed to recover Guru Maharaj saroop which was submerged underwater for a […]

Saroops Rescued in Malaysia by Singhs After 3 Days Under Water

Via United Sikhs Sitting in a small Darbar Sahib chanting Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as sewadaar are doing angh by angh Sewa. Never before and hopefully never again will we ever see Guru Maharaj in such a situation. We are so blessed that Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Baaj of Humanity flew with so […]

50 Foot Flood Waters Recede, Gurdwara Receives Major Damages

Gurdwara Sahib in Malaysia was under 50 Feet of water and the flood waters have finally receded. The historic floods in Malaysia had caused the historic 80 year old Gurdwara Sahib in city Kuala Krai to be submerged 50 feet under water. The flood hit a number of cities in Malaysia and Gurdwara council of […]