Avtar Singh Makkar Exposes Prakash Badal Over Sacrilege and Dera Sauda Pardon

SGPC Chief Avtar Singh Makkar has exposed the Shiromani Akali Dal and Parkash Singh Badal over the sacrilege and pardoning of Sauda Sadh. He stated the Badal government had several major lapses and despite giving them advice, they made decisions which fired back at them.

Makkar All Set to be Shadow Jathedar of Akal Takht

According to ABP Sanjha report, SGPC is planning to appoint Giani Jagtar Singh (Head Granthi of Sri Darbar Sahib) as its new Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Giani Jagtar Singh will replace Giani Gurbachan Singh (who was removed by Sarbat Khalsa on 10th November) as Jathedar. Giani Jagtar Singh hails from Ludhiana and has […]

Makkar Cancels Bhai Pinderpal Singh’s Katha at Manji Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib

Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji Were Scheduled For Katha Hazaris From 22nd October Till 3rd November at Gurdwara Manji Sahib Divan Hall, Sri Amritsar Sahib. The decision of SGPC Head Makkar came after Bhai Pinderpal Singh continued to be vocal about the current situation in Punjab and the growing unrest. But Since 22nd October Until Today […]

Video: Makkar Trolled by Journalist in Phone Interview

A journalist by the name of Mintu Gurusaria attempted to gain answers to important questions from the head of Makkar’s Sena, SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar. The journalist asked why the secretaries of the SGPC get paid 3 lakh rupees per month and asked how the SGPC affords them. Makkar tried to avoid all the […]

Sikhs Worldwide Outraged After Makkar Gets Panth Rattan Award by Damdami Taksal

The Damdami Taksal held a Samagam to honor shaheeds of 1984 where Harnam Singh Dhumma gave Panth Rattan award to SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar at Gurdwara Sahib in Mehta. The event took place at Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash Mehta where the martyrs were remembered for their sacrifice protecting the sanctity of Sri Harmandar Sahib. In […]

Jathedar Honors SGPC Head Makkar With “Shiromani Sevak” Award (Video)

The Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh honored SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar with “Shiromani Sevak” award. The Jathedar stated Avtar Singh Makkar committed “immense Seva” during a number of events in the past few years. He said, “Sikh Sangat has appreciated his hard work” and that after receiving a request for him to be […]

Simranjit Singh Mann Removes Red Light From Makkar’s Car (Video)

Simranjit Singh Mann along with Sikh sangat removed the red light of SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar’s vehicle. He stressed that all Sikhs are equal and that no one should be given VIP treatment. He requested the sangat to remove any red light on top of vehicles except police and ambulances. He said all Sikhs […]

Avtar Singh Makkar Becomes Most Powerful Sikh in India Overnight

When you have the power to replace a Jathedar of a Takht then you a very powerful person. Now, Avtar Singh Makkar the SGPC Head has been elected the President of Takht Sri Patna Sahib. The SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar was elected the president of Takht Patna Sahib management committee. The committee consists of […]

Makkar Hangs Phone After Tough Questions By Reporter (Video)

A reporter saying he’s from a news service in Bhathinda recorded his conversation with SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar. In the telephone conversation it appears the tough questions by the reporter had Makkar scratching his head. The reporter questioned him on various issues such as the Nanakshahi Calendar, security of Jathedar of Nandgarh, and whether […]

Makkar Trolled By Congress Leader Bhattal Must Watch (Video)

In 1994, Bhattal was a state education minister in Chandigarh.[2] Bhattal became the first female Chief Minister of Punjab when she took office after the resignation of Harcharan Singh Brar,[1] serving from April 1996 to February 1997, the eighth female Chief Minister in Indian history.[3] Her initiatives as Chief Minister of Punjab included, in December […]

Jathebandi Returns Hukamname After Makkar’s Comments (Video)

Sikh Jathebandi Damdami Taksal Ajnala and Satkar Committee returned Hukamnames back to the Akal Takht Jathedar. The Hukamnamas were directed to stop anti-panthic activities of Deras and so called godmen. The Jathedbandis are upset after SGPC head Makkar stated that all deras have a right to do parchar and no one can stop them. The […]

Makkar Says “Bhai Gurbaksh Doing Sangharsh For Own Benefit”

SGPC Head Makkar’s recent comments have created a stir and many people are unhappy. The comments come after Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa completes his 7th day of his hunger strike for the release of Sikh prisoners who’ve spent more time in jail then they were punished for. The comments come after alliance party BJP supports […]