First Ever Most Complete Map of The Sikh Empire Until 1846

This is the first ever most complete and thoroughly researched Map of the Sikh Empire Until 1846. Studied and created by Daily Sikh Updates all rights reserved. Previous maps which were created by historians are misleading and incomplete. Note: Punjab is a unique land, Punjab is within the Sikh Empire along with provinces of Kashmir, […]

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Haveli Turned in Vegetable Market in Pakistan

The haveli of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, founder of the Sikh empire, has become a picture of neglect due to the indifferent attitude of the Pakistani Waqf Board, an Amritsar-based historian has claimed. Located in old sabzi mandi area of Gujranwala city in Pakistan’s Punjab province, the heritage structure was recently converted into a vegetable market. […]

Treaty of Amritsar 1809 Which Halted Sikh Rule at The Sutlej River

Napoleon’s victories in Europe had alarmed the British, who, fearing a French attack on the country through Afghanistan, decided to win the Sikhs over to their side and sent a young officer, Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s court with an offer of friendship. Metcalfe met the Maharaja in his camp at Khem Karan, […]