Land Records Frozen of Sikh Farmers in Kutch, Gujrat “Who knows, next could be my number,”

Asi hedaja haiyu (We belong to this place),” says Amarjit Singh in chaste Kutchi, and he means it. Kutch has been his home since 1968. His father, Ajayab Singh, was in the first batch of Punjabi Sikhs who settled in this border district in Gujarat. Amarjit owns a prime piece of land on the main road […]

After Gujarat, Sikh Farmers in Haryana Face Eviction Threat

  After Gujarat, Sikh farmers in Haryana are now facing eviction threat. The Congress party, which raised a hue and cry against the Narendra Modi government’s decision to evict Sikh farmers from Kutch, is now on the back foot after a similar issue concerning Haryana Sikh farmers has reached the Prime Minister’s Office. Former chairman […]