Punjab Passes Resolution Against Wrong Country Seeking Apology

The Punjab Vidhan Sabha passed a resolution regarding condemning the Komagata Massacre in 1915 and sought apology from the Canadian government. The Canadian Govt has already apologized in 2008 with the PM and top officials all providing statements and since then has commemorated the Martyrs with a memorial and several exhibitions of the incident. The […]

Amitabh Bachan to Play Baba Gurdit Singh in New Movie Komagata Maru

Mumbai: The tragic Komagata Maru incident, whose 100th anniversary falls this year, is finally going to unfold on the big screen as part of a co-production treaty signed between India and Canada. Confirming these details, a source from Canada said, “It (‘Komagata Maru’) would now be a $22 million Indo-Canada production to be directed by […]

Canadian Museum to Commemorate 100 Years of Komagata Maru Incident

A heritage museum in Canada has organised a year-long exhibition to commemorate 100 years of the 1914 Komagata Maru incident during which 352 Punjabi immigrants on a ship from India were denied entry to the country. The exhibition at Abbotsford’s Sikh Heritage Museum will highlight the stories of the passengers who were forced out of Canada. “It’s a dark […]

Baba Gurdit Singh (Komagata Maru)

  September 26, 1914 Kamagata Maru arrived in Calcutta. The forcibly returning ship “Nanak Nam Jahaj” (Koma Gata Maru) was fired upon by the British forces. The police insisted that all returning passengers should board the train bound for Punjab. Only 50 men and 2 children boarded the train while others defied the police. In the […]