Did the British Lower the Sikh Kirpan Size from 3 Feet to Mere Inches?

KIRPAN MORCHA, campaign started by the Sikhs to assert their right to keep and carry kirpan, i.e. sword, religiously obligatory for them, which was denied to them under the Indian Arms Act (XI) of 1878. Under this Act, no person could go armed or carry arms, except under special exemption or by virtue of a […]

New Song ‘Kirpan’ Delivers Powerful Message, a Must Watch

New song produced and sung by a Canadian highlights the importance and meaning behind the ‘Kirpan.’ The song’s lyrics are very powerful and meaningful in delivering an accurate message. The screenplay of the song depicts how Amritdhari Singhs help those in need no matter what the circumstance. The song is getting a tremendous response overseas.

ICC Targets and Bans Sikhs With Kirpans at All Cricket Matches

7 Sikh cricket fans were denied entry to watch India against Zimbabwe match that was held this past Saturday due to their Kirpans. The Sikhs were deliberately target outside the match with extra police officers for checking. The ICC considers the kirpan a weapon and has banned it from all venues which are under their […]

Finally Italian Court Allows Sikhs To Wear Kirpans

The Italian Judicial Court has permitted “amritdhari” Sikhs to wear a 6 inch long kirpan. The verdict was delivered by a court in Piacenza city in northern Italy. The verdict came from a case filed in 2013 which involved the arrest and imprisonment of Talwinder Singh Wadali who is the president of the International Sikh […]

Sikh Fired From Federal Job For Kirpan (Video)

Kawal Tagore was an employee at the IRS until she was fired for wearing her kirpan, a ceremonial knife, to work. According to Homeland’s Federal Protection Service, people aren’t allowed to bring knives into federal buildings. But according to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, government laws cannot prevent people from practicing their faith. […]

Maryada Broken, Granthi Gives His Kirpan to Nikky Haley Husband

AMRITSAR: A member of the Sikh clergy handing over his ceremonial sword to South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s husband here upset a number of people at the Golden Temple here on Saturday. Granthi of the Golden Temple, Giani Jaswinder Singh, handed over his ‘siri sahib’ to Michael Hayley during the couple’s visit at the temple. […]

Hero Who Shot Gunman in Canada Parliament, Agrees With Allowing Kirpan

Via Sikh UK SIKH Federation Chaotic Scene Inside Canadian Parliament Building by dailysikhupdates Today’s Guardian states the man being hailed as a hero for reportedly shooting a gunman in Canada‚Äôs national parliament is Kevin Vickers, who, as the holder of the post of sergeant-at-ams, is officially responsible for safety and security within the grounds of […]

Sikh Student Prohibited From Taking Bus Due To Kirpan

By: Lauren Keene, Davis Enterprise As he has for the past two years, UC Davis student Harsimran Singh arrived at the local Amtrak station early Saturday morning to take a bus to Sacramento, where he would then board a train to visit his family in Selma, south of Fresno. Like always, Singh traveled with the […]

UK Minister Considering Allowing Kirpan For Any GurSikh in Jail, Following Meeting With DSGMC

The Justice Secretary met a delegation from India last week to discuss the move, which would provoke controversy given Scotland’s appalling record of blade-carrying thugs. Devout Sikhs carry a short dagger, known as a kirpan, which is regarded as an important part of the faith. The blades are often left blunt, but can be razor […]