Ravinder Singh of Khalsa Aid Gets “2014 Sikh of the Year Award” (Video)

Ravinder Singh popularly known as Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid has received the “Sikh of the Year Award” at the annual Sewa International Sikh awards in Amritsar, Punjab. Ravi Singh was honored in front of prominent Sikhs throughout the world who attended the event. Ravi Singh is the CEO of Khalsa Aid, A relief and […]

Khalsa Aid’s Ravi Singh Gets National Recognition on a Major UK Show (Video)

Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid gets honored on a show called “Surprise” in the UK. The work of Khalsa Aid was highlighted in the Show and how Ravi Singh helped the local citizens of the flood stricken areas of the coastal area in the UK. This is the 2nd biggest honor Khalsa Aid has received […]

WOW! Belgium Man Questions Sikh, And What Happened Next is Shocking!

“ARE YOU A SIKH”, asked this man in Belgium…. A heart-warming story from Khalsa Bikers who were in Belgium in November to remember the Sikh soldiers who died in World War 1 serving in Europe. “This gentleman approached us whilst we were walking around Menin Gate Belgium. He asked Payara Singh, “are you the leader […]

Khalsa Aid CEO Ravi Singh on UK National TV (Video)

  Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid on UK National TV on Aid1 by dailysikhupdates AMRITSAR: A lone turbaned Sikh distributing disinfectants, fruits and medicines to Yazidis and Assyrian Christian refugees who have taken shelter in Erbil, Kurdistan, invites curious glances from everyone, making many wonder about the Santa-like man with a flowing white beard. Ravi […]

Sikhs Groups Come to The Rescue in British Floods

Somerset, UK (February 13, 2014)—Whilst the British Government has been immobilised by indecision, and confusion about its strategic response to the winter floods, Somerset has been left to drown. Large parts of the UK have been submerged under flood waters for months. No. 10 has failed to act as people in the region watch helplessly […]

Khalsa Aid To Assist Victims of Communal Violence in U.P. India

It’s been learnt Khalsa Aid Team led by Bhai Amarpreet Singh carried out an assessment at the temporary refugee camps in the State of Uttar Pradesh where people have been going through hardship after being displaced due to the communal violence that occurred last month. After the assessment by the Team appropriate aid will be […]