Sikhs Groups Safely Transport Kashmiri Students to Jammu Following Threats

Following the horrific Pulwama attack on 42 Indian troops, Kashmiri students faced backlash in various places they were studying. The students felt insecure and feared for their life after incidents surfaced of getting discriminated against. Here is Amarpreet Singh of Khalsa Aid helping in the rescue efforts: Various Sikh groups including Khalsa Aid stepped up […]

Khalsa Aid Reaches War Torn Iraq to Rebuild

Khalsa Aid head Ravi Singh went back to Iraq to help in the rebuilding efforts of former ISIS occupied territories. The war torn country saw mass devastation and loss of millions of lives when the ISIS took over majority of the country before coalition forces pushed them back. Ravi Singh is stepping up efforts to […]

Khalsa Aid CEO Refuses ‘Indian of the Year’ Award

Internationally renowned humanitarian Ravi Singh respectfully declined an Indian award nomination this week, saying: ‘I don’t identify myself as Indian.’ Singh announced his declining of the award on his personal facebook profile on 22 May, having been nominated for the prize of ‘Indian of the Year’ from an undisclosed organisation. The move saw him receive […]

“Why I Believe Anand Karaj is Only For Sikhs” Bal Kaur

Here we share a post on the recent debate regarding what happened at Leamington Spa Gurdwara from one of our recommended speakers, Bal Kaur. Via: SIKHPA I have had numerous conversations with people over the last few days about the Leamington Spa Gurdwara incident. Some have said to me they are surprised that as someone […]

Khalsa Aid Breaks Ties With Sikh Council UK

Khalsa Aid CEO has broken ties with the Sikh Council UK over an unannounced meeting between Sikh Council UK officials and Indian PM Modi. The meeting gathered controversy as many Sikh organizations weren’t taken into confidence and conspiracy surrounded the closed door meeting. The CEO of Khalsa Aid Ravinder Singh issued a statement: Khalsa Aid […]

Sikhs Set Up Langar in ISIS Territory of Syria

Sikhs do langar seva in Syria. Via: TOI CHANDIGARH: Large-hearted Sikhs have taken their traditional community kitchen to one of the most dangerous places on earth today – Syria. Giving a twist to the concept of langar, a group of Punjabi NRIs has collaborated with locals to provide fresh bread to nearly 14,000 refugees daily […]

UK News Channel Recognizes Khalsa Aid’s Humanitarian Efforts in Nepal

(Video) Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid and Bal Sandhu, General Secretary interview with Sky News on the devastating impact of the second earthquake in Nepal. Bal Sandhu in Kathmandu, Nepal recounts the scenes panic during and after the earthquake. Khalsa Aid were on hand to support the victims, facilitate aid and also distribute hot […]

Watch How Khalsa Aid is Helping Victims in Nepal

Khalsa Aid volunteers and supporters from all around the UK came together to donate, sort and pack over 10 tonnes of essential relief items which will be shipped to Nepal and distributed to victims of the Nepal earthquake. Trustee, Indy Hothi shares his gratitude to everyone who has donated toward the relief appeal of Khalsa […]

Khalsa Aid Team Dispatched to Nepal For Help in Relief Efforts

(DSU News Bureau) Khalsa Aid UK has dispatched a team of relief aid workers to earthquake hit Nepal. The first relief aid workers have arrived in Nepal and will be assisting in rescue operations immediately. Several more relief aid workers of Khalsa Aid are to arrive in the country whose death toll due to the […]

When KA Sikhs Came to Rescue Shop Owners After Saharanpur Riots

The 2014 Saharanpur Riots occurred on 26th July in the city of Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The riots occurred between two communities and left 3 dead with several more injured. Sikhs shops were targeted, looted and then set on fire. Khalsa Aid provided aid to those victims by renovating and refitting […]

New Song “Khalsa Aid” Getting Major Response (Video)

The new song “Khalsa Aid” sung by Durga Rangila and produced by Dharama Seva Records is getting tremendous praise and response from audiences worldwide. Khalsa Aid has become nationally known in the UK for there humanitarian work in response to relief efforts in various parts of the world. They made headlines throughout the UK for […]

Sikh of the Year Khalsa Aid CEO Hospitalized

Khalsa Aid CEO Ravinder Singh has been hospitalized due to acute pancreatitis. Recently, Ravinder Singh won the Sikh of the year award for his contribution in humanitarian aid in areas affected by disaster. He has been in the hospital for the last 3 days and it has been finally been diagnosed. He complained of stomach […]