Destruction of Heritage in the Name of Kar Sewa

The photograph on the left was taken in 2006 and illustrates the very worst of the Kar Sevaks bodged attempts to renew Sikh buildings. It depicts the shoddy restoration work at the Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai in Amritsar where bathroom tiles were carelessly cemented over priceless wall paintings. This photograph and the story that accompanied […]

Evidence: Kar Sewa Babe Destroyed Original Building at Anandpur Sahib

This photo shows a building related to Sikh Gurus that the Kar Sewa Babe have destroyed. The Kar Sewa Babe went around renovating and destroying thousands of buildings related to Sikh history all for golaks. This particular building is said to be related to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This building was replaced by building which […]

Kar Sewa Babbe to Preserve Structures Related to Guru Angad Dev Ji

2 structures dating back to time of Guru Angad Dev Ji will be preserved in a historical town in Taran Taran district. A building called old baradari which is a building with 12 doors at Gurdwara Tapiana Sahib which has a well inside the Mata Khivi Langar hall. These two structures were built during the […]