BREAKING: Sacrilege in Jalandhar

Sacrilege continues to happen throughout Punjab and this time it has occurred in Jalandhar’s Gobind Nagar Gali #1. A miscreant tore parts of Gutka Sahib. Sangat gathered at the Gurdwara Sahib after the torn pages were found. The Sangat called on the police who arrived on the scene to investigate the matter. The Sacrilege appears […]

20 Youths Beat Father Trying to Protect Teenage Daughter in Jalandhar

(DSU News Bureau) A GRP constable was attacked by 20 youths in Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar market, Jalandhar after trying to protect his daughter from harassment. The 15 year old girl had told her father that the boys would harass her while on her scooter and would make vulgar comments to her while she went […]

High Profile Sex Racket Busted in Jalandhar (Video)

The Punjabi Police busted a sex racket in a village near Jalandhar. The 5 girls were caught red handed and 3 ‘customers’ were arrested by police. A woman was involved in the illegal sex racket in the village. The villagers alerted the police and a sting nabbed the the culprits. The police officer stated, “we […]

Most Wanted “Jassi Gang” Caught by Police (Video)

A popular gang named “Jassi Gang” was caught by Punjab Police. The gang members were all wanted by police for various crimes. The police caught the gang members on Jallandhar and Adampur border. The police say the dangerous gang members had over 30 crime incidents against them and their capture will provide relief to many […]

Sikh From Jalandhar Comes to the Rescue of Poor Man (Video)

Two brash boys enter an upmarket highway joint and insist on being served in a self-service area. Unable to take a no from the waiter they are quick to beat him into submission. What would you do if you come face to face with such a situation? What’s your choice? A Sikh from Jalandhar finally […]

Tornado Caught on Camera in Jalandhar (Video)

A Tornado was spotted between in the villages of Nakodar and Shahkot of Jalandhar, Punjab. The rare sightings of the tornado surprised many villagers who sought shelter to survive the rare event. The strong winds of the tornado caused damage to many houses. Some of the houses received tremendous damage while others appeared completely fine. […]