Bhagwant Mann Questions Govt on Missing 39 Punjabis (Video)

Bhagwant Mann demanded answers from the govt on the whereabouts of the missing 39 Punjabis in Iraq. The govt continues to say they are safe but no information on their whereabouts has been obtained. Bhagwant Mann says 2 Banladeshi men who escaped last year said the 39 had died but govt continues to deny this […]

Eyewitness: 39 Indians Mostly Punjabis Killed in Iraq (Video)

Exclusive Report l 39 missing Indians killed by ISIS, 1 escaped: Bangladeshi workers tells ABP News We have no info about life of 39 missing Indians: Red Crescent, one of the sources mentioned by Sushma Swaraj tells ABP News NEW DELHI: Government believes that 39 Indians held hostage by ISIS in Iraq are still alive […]

40 Kidnapped Punjabis in Iraq Now Untraceable

AMRITSAR: The last man, who could have helped trace the 40 abducted Indians in the war-ravaged Mosul city of Iraq, currently in the control of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces, is untraceable. After duping the ISIS militia after his abduction on June 11, Harjit Masih from Kala Afghana village of Gurdaspur district, […]