Youth Group Statement on Resolutions Passed on Anand Karaj in UK

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. 24/08/2015 We congratulate Bhai Gurmel Singh Ji from the Sikh Council UK in showing great leadership by bringing all sides of the debate together on one platform with mutual respect and consideration. We agree with all points passed in the meeting, in particular the need of an […]

Resolutions Passed at Major Meeting of UK Gurdwaras on Anand Karaj Ceremonies

A major meeting of all UK Gurdwaras took place at Havelock Gurdwara Sahib in Southall on the interfaith Anand Karaj issue. 23 August 2015 Gurdwaras Agree on Anand Karaj At a meeting held at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Southall, Gurdwaras today agreed on a number of issues regarding a consistent approach towards booking of […]

Video: Excellent Explanation By Non-Punjabi Sikhs on Interfaith Anand Karaj

2 Sikh who are non-Punjabi speak on what the Anand Karaj ceremony means to them. Related: BRING BACK THE SANCTITY OF THE SIKH WEDDING (ANAND KARAJ) CEREMONY By Mankamal Singh from the UK We are paying the price of our own degradation of our own Rehat Marayada. We focused the last 50 years on differences […]

Sensible Explanation to Difference Between Interfaith Marriage Vs Interfaith Anand Karaj

Are non-sikhs allowed to marry Sikhs? Are Sikhs allowed to do Anand Karaj with someone who is not a Sikh? This has become a very public debate recently. Problem is not interfaith marriages but Interfaith Religious Ceremony of 2 mixed couples doing an Anand Karaj. There is always option of Civil Marriage between a Sikh […]

Funny Video Alert: This How Committee Members Defend Interfaith Anand Karaj

Subaig Singh Kandola, a UK boxer made an hilarious video on how UK Gurdwara committee members support interfaith Anand Karaj weddings. The video posted by Subaig himself on his Facebook is receiving tremendous response as it sarcastically highlights the issue in a comic manner. Recently, Interfaith Anand Karaj is a hot topic in the UK […]

Muslim Woman Shows She Knows More About Anand Karaj Than Sikhs

A comment of a Muslim woman on the Sikh faith highlighted ignorance of the Sikh faith by Sikhs themselves. The woman understood the clear difference between a place of worship being open to all and how religious ceremonies of each religion should be respected and abide by the guidelines and codes of conduct. The comment […]

Southall Gurdwara Head Clearly Explains Why There is No Such Thing as Interfaith Anand Karaj

Giani Gurbax Singh Gulshan who is one of the leaders of the Southall Gurdwara Sahib states there is no such thing as an interfaith Anand Karaj. He further stated that those who don’t follow and practice the Sikh Rehat Maryada can’t engage in Sikh ceremonies. He gave clarity of the Sikh code of conduct and […]

Singh Vs Bibi on Should There be Interfaith Anand Karaj

In recent years, the incidences of interfaith marriages (i.e. Sikh and non-Sikh) have been increasing in Gurdwaras across the world despite the Panthic Sikh Rehat Maryada clearly stating that “a Sikh should marry only a Sikh.” Rehitnamas further say: 1. Have relations with a Sikh of the Guru. (Rehatnama Bhai Chaupa Singh) 2. Killing a […]

South Hall Gurdwara Committee Member Attempts to Defame Sikhs in National Newspaper

The Independent Newspaper of the United Kingdom called a group of Sikhs who stopped an Outer faith wedding ‘Thugs’. The incident occurred at the Havelock Gurdwara Sahib last friday when concerned Sikhs prevented a sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib Ji by stopping an Anand Karaj between a Polish man and woman born to Sikh parents. […]

Kaur Further Clarifies: Interfaith Marriages vs “Normal” Sikh Marriages Part 2

Clarification and New Post! Via: Anonymous Kaur Right… thank you to everyone who read my article and provided feedback through Facebook, WordPress and various private messages. I felt the need to clarify my Article, as I didn’t want anyone to associate Sikhi with any negative light. Firstly, thank you for taking the time out to […]

Singhs Protest Against Outerfaith Marriage in UK Gurdwara

Peaceful protest at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Walsall. Via: Sikh Youth Birmingham There was going to be beadbi of the sacred Anand Karaj ceremony where a Hindu guy was going to marry a Sikh girl. After already having the Hindu marriage ceremony, the groom spoke to local Sikhs and realised and agreed that he should […]

Shocking Sacrilege During Outerfaith Anand Karaj’s Inside Gurdwaras

Note: This video is not of DSU and we have no right over it. This is a user created post. For original link See: Sham Anand Karaj The video is a shocking reminder to show those who feel it’s ok to have outer faith weddings inside Gurdwaras. Outerfaith marriages continue to happen inside Gurdwaras due […]