Haryana Police Say They Ready For Rioting of Dera Sirsa Following Court Verdict

Videos went viral of Dera Sirsa followers of being violent following the court verdict against the Dera head. The videos clearly pointed out that if the Baba was to be jailed than the followers would kill themselves or start riots. The videos also showed batons and sticks the followers had gathered to prepare for a […]

Singh Tells Heartbreaking Story of What He Saw in Murthal

An eyewitness recounted what he saw on the night of February 22 at NH1 Murthal where a mob unleashed on travellers. Ten women were raped and many cars were burnt. The eyewitness states that he was headed to drop off his Aunt at the airport when near Sukhdev Dhaba a mob of men started to […]

Viral Young boy carrying gun during Jat agitation is genuine

The death toll in the nine-day violent Jat agitation demanding job quotas in Haryana rose to 30, the state police chief said on Friday. Director General of Police YP Singhal said 30 people lost their lives while over 200 people were injured in the agitation that paralysed life in the state. At least 10 Haryana […]

Woman Dragged out of Car and Raped in Front of Her Children

Murthal Gangrape: A woman was dragged, raped in front of her children, says petitioner Utsav. Narrating the Murthal gangrapes during the Jat stir, in which around 10 women were brutally raped by the agitators, petitioner Utsav Bains on Friday said that Haryana Government was yet to take action against the erring officials. Bains said that […]

“Women were Dragged and Taken to Fields” Eyewitness Sukhwinder Singh

Murthal alleged gangrape: Women were dragged out of cars and were taken to fields, reveals another eye witness Sukhwinder During the incident, Sukhwinder revealed that the kids were being dragged out of the cars and were thrown out on the roads like garbage. Apart from that women were taken forcefully to the fields during which […]

Sikhs Provide Langar and Refuge to Thousands of People in Haryana

There is nothing greater than service to humanity by feeding bread to the hungry. As Jat protesters burn the state of Haryana, Sikhs from various different localities are taking it upon themselves to feed thousands of stranded people on the Major and nonmajor highways of Haryana. Gurdwaras are once again stepping up to the challenge […]

Haryanvi Jat Girl’s Response to Protesters Burning Property in Haryana

Haryana has been witness to violence as the members of the Jat community began protesting over the demand of reservation. Buses and house have been set on fire, public property damaged and killing 12 people so far. According to rough estimates the recent protests have led to a loss of over 20,000 crore. It won’t […]

Watch Haryana Minister’s Shocking Behavior With Female Police Officer

Haryana’s Health Minister Anil Vij stormed out of a meeting when a female district police chief refused to leave the room when told to “get out” of the conference room by the minister. The confrontation turned ugly during a meeting at which the Health Minister was questioning the Police’s role in preventing the sale of […]

Journalist Surinder Singh Imprisoned in a 27 Year old Case

Many are wondering the whereabouts of prominent and renowned journalist Surinder Singh. Surinder Singh was charged and imprisoned in an Ambala Jail over a 27 year old case. Surinder Singh has conducted interviews of many people who’ve never come into the public light and has revealed many hidden facts through his journalism. Reportedly, a court […]

All Gurdwaras in Ambala Get Equipped With CCTV Cameras

Video: Following sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in several Gurdwaras in Punjab, the Gurdwara Sahibs in the city of Ambala has equipped themselves with CCTV cameras. The Haryana police have also ordered all Gurdwaras to install CCTV cameras and to always have someone on hand inside the Darbar Hall. The spokesperson of […]

Massive Beadbi of Guru Sahib in Haryana, Torn Angs Found

Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s saroop’s angs were torn apart by a miscreant in village Bahauddin, District Sirsa, Haryana. A member of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Satkar Committee of Haryana Bhai Sukhwinder Singh arrived with his Jatha to see what occurred. Bhai Sukhwinder Singh stated, “We were shocked and hurt after looking at the […]

Breaking: Sikh Family Brutally Beaten and Robbed by Dacoits in Haryana

A Sikh family was badly beaten by robbers inside their house at Manikpura village in Pinjore of Haryana Friday night. The family was robbed of cash and jewelry. After Gurmeet Singh woke up to check on dogs barking at 2am, a man attacked him with a wooden rod. He told a local reporter of the […]