Best Documentary Ever Created on Sikh Religion (Video)

A unique journey – discovering Sikhs through the eyes of Interfaith travellers. For the first time in history, viewers are able to follow the journey of a group of faith leaders travelling together to learn about the Sikh Dharam, its people and some of the most important places in Sikh history. Throughout the journey, this […]

Wow! Amazing Drone View of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji in 4K Video

A Malaysian film maker has shot an amazing video with a drone of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. The video shows the Harmandir Sahib Complex from every direction in stunning resolution. The video gives a birds eye view of the entire complex for the first time ever. The view are shot from the main entrance of […]

Kitchen That Feeds over 100,000 Daily, World’s Largest Free Kitchen

Aljazeera  Report : Kitchen that feeds 100,000 daily By Showkat Shafi Free kitchen in Punjab, India run at the Sikhs’ holiest shrine produces 200,000 flat breads  ( Fulke) and 1.5 tonnes of lentil soup daily (Daal) . Two hundred thousand rotis (Indian flat bread), 1.5 tonnes of dal (lentil soup) and free food served to […]